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Giving Thanks for Travel, Friends, and New Experiences

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone back home, of course this holiday is not celebrated in Chile, but I wanted to take this day to reflect on some of my journeys the past few weeks and my thoughts about my final weeks abroad. Since my last post I have traveled to San Pedro in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile, I have finished all of my classes, and my best friend from home came to visit me. The Atacama Desert is the driest desert in the world and one of the most […]

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Alexa: “Mi corazón está en Chile”

The title of this entry speaks nothing but the truth- “Mi corazón está en Chile” or, “My Heart is in Chile”. I can’t believe how much I miss it already. It’s hard being so close but knowing I can’t go back. I guess I technically will go back on Tuesday when I fly back to Santiago but I’ll only be in the airport and nothing else. On Tuesday when I said good-bye to my mama, it was really difficult, and we were both tearing up. When I was complaining to her […]

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Alexa: Mendoza and the Andes

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, I’ve been so busy! Our program is quickly approaching the end so I’m trying to do everything I can before I have to leave. Since I’ve last blogged I’ve gone surfing (so much fun!), eaten the world’s best empenadas, witnessed a violent protest from the fishermen, and gone sledding in the Andes Mountains! Monday this week was another holiday so we got another long weekend. Two of my friends and I decided to take a bus to Mendoza, Argentina. The bus ride is […]

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Thomas: Mendoza (mas vino, por favor)

Words cannot describe how great this past weekend was. On Thursday night, me and four friends took an overnight bus from Buenos Aires to Mendoza (a 13 hour ride), a city located in the West-Central portion of the country and on the foothills of the Andes Mountains. About 110,000 people inhabit Mendoza, and upon arriving I was genuinely surprised by how nice the people were, and how well kept and quiet the city was. A pleasant change from the fast-paced and sometimes rude Buenos Aires. The Mendoza Province is of […]

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