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Sculpture Garden

Soooooo I took a nice little trip today. My small group went to this sculpture garden that was seriously as big as the National Mall in DC. There was so much space, all these people running, and walking their dogs, and mothers with their children. I was amazed at how much open space there could be in a city where everything is so tightly packed together. Anyways, there were around 220 of these bronze sculptures, all made by one artist that consumed his entire life. The artist didn’t leave anything […]

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Alex: Street art

I spent a large portion of my spring break hunting down the best of Auckland city’s street art. Spring break here in New Zealand began on the third of September. By that time, most of my classmates and peers had made plans to travel, many of the them to the South Island, some to Australia, and others to pacific sites like Fiji. At this time, I had just received my financial aid package, so I had not had money with which to plan a vacation, and I was not in […]

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