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Giving Thanks for Travel, Friends, and New Experiences

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone back home, of course this holiday is not celebrated in Chile, but I wanted to take this day to reflect on some of my journeys the past few weeks and my thoughts about my final weeks abroad. Since my last post I have traveled to San Pedro in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile, I have finished all of my classes, and my best friend from home came to visit me. The Atacama Desert is the driest desert in the world and one of the most […]

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Caitlin: Village life, la fin

At the end of our 5th week in Fatick, I was exhausted. I had been having some petits problèmes with my family and my internship, and Sophie and I had done an intense run with some four Senegalese garçons that left us pretty sore for the next few days (and me with a fresh cut on my knee! Note: roads in Fatick are not lighted at night).  So, naturally, I wanted to sleep in Saturday morning. Unfortunately, masonry workers outside my room at 7am made that impossible, so Sophie and I made plans to […]

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Doug: Heavenly landscapes in Hell’s Gate

Not a bad parking spot Last weekend I made the trek to Hell’s Gate National Park with a few friends. Hell’s Gate is about an hour and a half from downtown Nairobi via Matatu, near the town of Naivasha (one of the central locations of the post-2007 election violence actually). Sheer rock face that we biked up to the base of On Friday morning we left taking two matatu’s to Naivasha, and then a motorbike from Naivasha to our hostel which was a beautiful backpacker’s place on lake Naivasha. The rest of […]

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Miles: Oslo to Amsterdam plus

I’m a slacker! I don’t know how it happened…Oh wait, that’s right, I had a Norwegian exam and I am busy traveling and existing in Norway as much as possible. First, the boring part: The test went well. I think I got an A. We’ll find out in a few uker. My sweet and amazing professor came up to me during the test and (totally illegally) reminded me about a particular Norwegian sentence structure that I always have trouble with. It was adorable and nice to see how much she […]

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