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Parsa Man Parcha (Or I Like Parsa Wildlife Reserve [Occupancy Survey]) Pt. 2

Greetings Friends, I return again to bring more news on our trip to Parsa Wildlife Reserve. As I have said, Parsa Wildlife Reserve is an extension of Chitwan National Park (where we reside). We travelled there four days to conduct a presence / absence occupancy survey. In order to do this, we created seven group containing at least 1 student and a technician. Each group was responsible for finishing four 2km distances in search of signs of animal presence. These four distances (of 2km) equal one transect. Each group was […]

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Contemporary Gems of Kenya- Alliance Francaise

Last Tuesday, some friends and I attended the Contemporary Gems of Kenya Art Exhibit. The part-exhibition part-book launch had a small but nice collection of work from modern Kenyan artists. I particularly enjoyed the large three-dimensional work that was made of non-conventional material. My favorite pieces were Freeing the Butterflies, and this colorful piece whose name I did not capture. I learned about the activity in a community magazine that had a list of exciting artistic and cultural events happening around Nairobi through September. A brief perusal showed me just […]

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Heather: Rodent & Butterfly Week

Last week at work I started off in the reptile park. SNAKES! It was actually pretty interesting. I helped with all the feedings, including a few crocs and Nile Monitor Lizards. To do this, we headed to the rat house to get the food. 11 rats, 10 mice, and 38 baby chicks later, we had our lunch ready! I helped feed the East African Egg Eater. Because he was just a little guy, he wasn’t able to fit the whole egg in his mouth, so we had to manually take […]

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