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Sunday, 12 March: Cheers, Ireland!

Hey, everyone! I know it’s been quite a long time since I’ve written: I could blame the delay on any number of things, but mostly it was just a lack of motivation. Between my assignments from the Fund and all the necessities in planning trips on the weekend, I ended up shrugging off the responsibility of this blog for the last three weeks. My apologies! I hope to have this updated by next Friday at the latest; these posts will also probably be less detailed than past ones due to events […]

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Sunday, 22 January: Churros and Chocolate and Classes, Oh My!

Bienvenido, reader! Whether or not this is your first time reading my blog, I hope you find it informative, interesting, and perhaps even enjoyable. This past week, the students attending the Fundación Ortega-Marañon went through orientation on Monday and started their classes on Tuesday. First on Monday was an exam to gauge our comprehension of Spanish grammar. My scores certainly were not perfect or even close to it, but the Fund doesn’t expect perfection from students. The exams do not affect our subsequent grades but rather aid the program in […]

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Brittany: Religion

Ecuador is 95% Catholic. An experience of a fellow student shows how dominant the Catholic faith is: She is Jewish and upon explaining that to her family, her host mom said, “So I’m confused… Do Jews believe in God?” So it is unusual to not be Catholic… but not unheard of. The first weekend I was here, we all went out Saturday night. My family said this was fine, and that I should be home by 1 or 2 a.m.  So needless to say I was bit (unpleasantly) surprised when […]

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