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London Adventures – Jan 29

Happy Sunday everyone! This past week was pretty laid back for the most part. School was good! I love my classes which makes sitting in class a lot more tolerable. In all three years of being in college, I have never been late to a class… until this last Thursday. My roommate Josie and I were at the tube (subway) station and we got on the tube like we do every day, when we realized that we got on the tube that was going the opposite direction of where we […]

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Time Spent in the UK

Wednesday, 4 February WICKED!! At Apollo Victoria Theatre. Need I say much else? It was phenomenal (for the 3rd time in my life). Friday, 13 February This was the start of one of my first weekends staying in London so I felt I had to make the most of it. How do you find all of the hidden gem things to do in a big city? Well, meet my new best friend and website I have never found a more helpful website. Timeout told me that there was a […]

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