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Last night my sister asked me to come with her to the boutique in our neighborhood to buy bread for dinner. I put down the book I was reading and bounded down the stairs two at a time, aware that she was already halfway out the door. I reached our front door and just as I was reaching around to close it I realized something. “Tabara,” I asked, “Est-ce que je peux porter des shorts?” (Can I wear shorts?) “C’est pas grave,” she said with a smile (it’s not a […]

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There are a couple things I’m realizing about Norway now that I’ve been here almost a month now. The first thing is that I didn’t pack nearly enough clothes, even though my suitcase was packed to the max. I do laundry once every 10 days or so, as I don’t really have enough clothes to wear past that, so my outfit combinations are very limited, and it honestly feels like I”m wearing the same thing everyday, which is true in some cases because I didn’t pack enough winter clothes remotely. […]

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Piazzale Michelangelo

It’s been almost a week since I blogged last and there is a lot to cover, so brace yourself, this may be a long post. Where to start? Well, I’ve finished my first full week of classes! Woohoo! Classes at Acccademia Italiana are very different from my classes back in Minnesota. They are all very small, with my largest class only being 20 people. I am also the minority in most of my classes, which is a lot harder than one might think. Three of my studios are filled with […]

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Early to Rise

So Kishor has been telling me that I need to get up early and watch the early morning traffic outside the window. Yesterday, I did indeed wake up early, but I stayed in bed and read my book. This morning, I woke up early again so, here I am, at 6:30am, anticipating an interesting traffic show. The sun is just beginning to come up. It’s very hazy here, though, so you don’t see the sunrise or sunset. In fact, it’s very hazy often. I think a lot of that has […]

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The Things About Rome You Won’t Find in a Tourist Book…

1.Eggs are not refrigerated in Rome – and sometimes they arrive with chicken feathers in the carton 2.Umbrella holders look a lot like garbage cans – don’t be fooled. 3.Everything shuts down on Sundays – seriously. everything. all day. 4.Almost all of the music played in public is American top 40 songs. 5.There aren’t any driving rules in Italy – so watch your step when you cross the street. 6.Italian women DO wear blue jeans – but not as often as Americans do. When Italians do wear jeans they dress […]

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