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Österreich: Der Salzkammergut

The second part of my trip was a 3-day visit to the Salzkammergut region of Austria. It’s basically a chain of mountains and valleys dotted with lakes and forests and such. I had never heard of it before I planned this trip, but after googling pictures of it I decided I had to see it. I thought I would be burned out of museums and big-city life after Salzburg, so a quiet retreat to a small mountain town for some hiking would be appreciated.   That turned out to be […]

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Das Abenteuer fängt an!

The adventure begins! After a slow start at MSP Airport my travels went without a hitch or delay. The 8-hour transatlantic flight was actually rather pleasant, all things considered. One of the complementary movies one could watch on the plane was Mad Max: Fury Road, which I saw for the first time and enjoyed heartily. They were also very diligent with supplying us with food and drink, the former of which was surprisingly tasty and filling. The worst part by far was having to sit down without being able to […]

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