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Wohin ist das Wasser gegangen?

There are no water fountains here.   Seriously, the last time I saw one was in the Amsterdam airport. They’re not on the street, they’re not in the university, they’re not near bathrooms… and it’s not like German tap water is unsafe to drink or anything. It even tastes great. So what gives? In Freiburg they’ve literally diverted the Dreisam river into little canals, called B├Ąchle, that run along half the streets in the Altstadt but it’s impossible to get a simple drink of water. Carrying a water bottle is […]

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Cultural Comparisons: India & the U.S.

In-county comparison: 1.) The (historic) culture of tradition and minimal change; and 2.) The (current) culture of technology and a changing reality. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. This is the mechanical relocation of the second hand that I hear from my two favorite spots that physically and culturally a half a world away. In Minnesota, the clock is heard from my oak kitchen table where (if I were there now,) I would be eating a chocolate chip cookie and overlooking the anxiously ripening fall leaves. In India, […]

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