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Facts, Figure, Numbers and Statistics

Wowwww… I swear I’m committed to writing this blog… Lots to write. First of all, I would like to give a shout out to my Grandma Nancy in Duluth. I have received word that she has been really appreciating my posts. She has been in and out of the hospital and I really regret that I cannot be there to spend some time with her (though I know she is loving everything I am doing). She has been having my various (very diligent) family members read her the posts and […]

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An Open Letter to America

Hey America, So you know, we haven’t seen each other since I left you five months ago, but I saw you the other day and you looked really, really good. Like really good. It seems like you dealt with our break-up very well. I just have a couple of things I want to say- I know that when we were together I said some pretty mean things about you. I always mentioned how terrible your Tied Aid Policies were, and how your agricultural system was so dysfunctional. But after being […]

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Jonathan: Goodbye, Jatan Sansthan

I have reached the end of the second chapter in my story of India.  After six weeks, I am preparing to leave Railmagra and Jatan Sansthan for a quick seminar in Jaipur, followed by nearly three weeks of traveling.  But more details on that at the end of this post, for now it is time to reflect on all I’ve learned and done here.  I’m pretty sure I start every post on this blog with struggling with where to begin, but you must believe me this time — I am […]

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Russell: Flowcharts in Mermoz

I am stressed out, confused, and tired. Funny thing is, I’m not physically tired at all. I’ve been really on top of staying healthy in terms of sleep, hydration, and sanitation. But being here is exhausting in many other ways. There is a certain amount of that struggle that “getting used to things” will alleviate. But after being here for 5 days, I think that a large amount of that exhaustion is actually part of life here. One of the domestiques a ma maison, qui s’appelle, Nina, was sitting with […]

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Russell: Things I’ve learned

I have way more shit than these people. I call it shit because, honestly, when I’m here, it is all shit. It’s not that I am learning that object possession is way less meaningful than I originally thought; it’s that it all has a context. If I don’t have electricity to plug my computer into… of what real use is it? That’s an extreme example I guess… but what about clothing? I’m going to sweat through everything I wear, and so is everybody else. Why would I have the most […]

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Eben: I am here

In Wolof, the first question asked when meeting or running into someone is “Nanga def?” which essentially translates to “How are you doing?”  The proper response is “Maangi fi,” or “I am here.”  This seems particularly appropriate given that I am, in fact, now here at my internship site, Ngaye Mekhe. After exchanging parting gifts with my family on Tuesday night — I gave them T-shirts, they gave me doughnuts and chocolate spread — I woke up the next morning at 5:30 to begin the next phase of my time […]

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