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Culture shock and the start of classes

Culture shock is something that is very familiar to me right now. I definitely felt it full-force in my first few days here, I would be trying to understand what my host family was telling me, and while I understand most everything I’d miss a little detail about their house rules or practices and do something wrong. I’m very lucky, they’re all the sweetest people in the world and totally understanding but I don’t think anyone likes making mistakes! I felt a little helpless. Luckily, from each mistake I make […]

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Aran Islands

On Saturday the 12th I went on a trip to Inis Oirr, the smallest of the Aran Islands. It was a trip that was put together by the Student Union, but when I bought the €30 ticket at the front desk I didn’t really know what to expect. I had made a vow to myself to travel outside of Limerick each weekend, so this was a great opportunity to fulfill my promise to myself and see more of Ireland while I still could. Just like the cliffs of Moher trip […]

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Things Danes Do

Danes do a lot of stuff – if I may be so eloquent as to say so. Here is a nice list, compiled by me, with some pretty commonly heard stereotypes (though not common to Americans. Most Americans can’t even locate the country on a map…) and also some things that I have observed and noticed after having been here for a few months. Put them all together and you will know exactly what it feels like to walk around during the day! 1. Danes don’t cross at red lights. […]

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Иногда один день, проведенный в других местах…

  Sometimes one day spent in another place is worth more than ten years at home. Well, here it is! Another blog post about my shenanigans in Mother Russia. It’s been rather busy since I last posted. This past Monday was very exciting because I went to my first Собеседники (Sobesednicki) mixer! I’m sure I’m drawing blank stares at that. Basically, the Sobesednicki mixer was a chance for us American students to meet and chat with multiple Russian university students. There was about thirty of us total, and we met […]

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Daniel: Domingo

I went on a walking tour of downtown Cuernavaca this past Sunday with a small group after overcoming whatever implanted itself in my stomach. We visited three places of general interest to most visitors to the city including the Palacio de Cortés, the Cathedral of Cuernavaca, and the Borda Garden. Each destination was quite interesting in it’s own respect and with the help of my trusty Charliopedia, I learned many things about each one that I would’ve never otherwise known. Ever. The extent to which I can explain this mans […]

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