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Stages of Traveling Alone:

1. Not thinking about it  Plane? Booked. Ticket? Booked. Googling pretty pictures of your destination and getting hyped up? Done and done. 2. Oh crap Here’s where it gets tough: your trip is no longer a far-off fantasy. It’s real and it’s coming quick. Whether this hits as you pack like a panic-ridden person hours before or as you’re sipping tea before bed a week before, it’ll hit. Traveling alone means figuring out public transportation on your own. It means that if you get lost in Germany, you have to […]

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London Adventures – Jan. 13

This weekend we did all things touristy. We went on this 4 hour coach bus tour through London, and I guess I never really realized just how big this place is. So many times throughout the tour I thought we were in a different place, but turns out it was just a different part of London. Apparently my apartment is in THE area to be in in London… especially considering the fact that Madonna lives just down the road from me… (!!!!) I also got to see Buckingham Palace… Sadly, […]

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