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Scotland was Worth Every Pound (Lol Currency Puns)

Since I was a little girl, I’ve dreamed of the medieval times. Of palaces and crowns. All of it became real in Scotland. From learning about my favorite historical character–Mary Queen of Scots–to hiking the highlands, I feel like I discovered part of myself. That is so corny but so, so true. Scotland is truly the most amazing, impressive place I’ve ever been. If I’m rich one day, I’m taking everyone I love there. And I’m not letting them leave until they love it as much as I do. Mwahaha. […]

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I suck at traveling, and other fun things in Europe

I think the last time I posted I was going to Finland soon. Well Finland was rad. We landed Friday night to a pretty wild central station. Finland, right away, seemed a lot edgier than I had thought. It wasn’t what I had been expecting after coming from Oslo, but it was cool change up. The city itself had a lot more Russian influence than the previous cities we visited. It was easy to tell that right away. Finland didn’t feel like Scandinavia, it had it’s own feel. The architecture, […]

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Sunday, 19 February: Wowed by Waffles, Enchanted by Chocolate, Surrounded by Speculoos

Hey, everyone! After delays in posting on this blog, I’m trying to catch up a bit. Thankfully, we just ended midterms here at the Fund, so I have some free time to write and – hopefully – enjoy the Carnavál festivities this weekend. Descriptions of those will have to wait until the next post, of course! In my last post, I left you all with a bit of a cliffhanger: after a fantastic weekend in Florence, I was in for un día de retos (a day of challenges). I left the […]

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