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On culture shock

Culture shock: that feeling of stumbling down a dark hallway and frequently running face-first into a wall. Difficult, yet thrilling. I like to think that crashing into this wall, so to speak, helps me to better orient myself to my surroundings. I find that culture shock most often occurs when I am least expecting it. This is how I discovered that my host father has a second wife. This past weekend I was sitting next to my host sister, Fatou Kiné, at her birthday party. “Where is Papa Samba?” I asked. “He is […]

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Top 5

The semester is beginning to wind down. I have two weeks and 2.5 days left in Denmark. I genuinely have no idea how it went so fast. I have some very strong memories of the beginning of the semester and errrrrrrrzzzziiiippppppglaaaahhhh (that is supposed to be the “fast forward noise” but I don’t know how to type it, sorry) suddenly it is May (first! The first of May is kind of a big deal in Denmark – it is International Worker’s Day and there are lots of liberal political rallies […]

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This Glass is Half Full

Uffda. We have reached the halfway point of our time here in Rio. We are 2 months deep into our 4 month program. At this midway point, murmur around our study abroad program is pretty evenly split between positive and negative feelings about this realization. On the one hand… we ONLY have 2 more months in Rio!! That’s only 8 weeks of class and 8 weekends of adventures! There are so many things on my Brazil Bucket List that still need to be done. I still have so much more […]

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