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Sunday, 26 March: Feeling at Home

Qué tal, ¿amigos? I hope this latest post finds you hale and healthy and, if not, that you soon arrive at such a condition! If you recall from my last post, I spent the weekend of 17-19 March in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. The bus we took from the city left around 9:40 p.m. and, with the extra hour added on crossing into Spain, arrived close to 6 a.m. Side complaint: time zones in Europe sometimes make as little sense as they do in the United States, or even […]

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Heidelberg: wie ein Märchen

On Sunday, a group of fellow international students and I decided to take a day trip to Heidelberg, a German city a ways north of Freiburg. We actually had the opportunity to go as part of a field trip through Uni Freiburg, but it was cheaper to buy our own bus tickets and go on our own (€20.50 round-trip; not bad at all!). We were very glad we did it that way, as it ended up being less restrictive.   Heidelberg is the city I visited the last time I […]

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Orientation and Beyond

Well today was the first day of class, and if the rest of the semester is like today, it will be a great semester. I have class through Wednesday, with Thursdays and Fridays off. I have a Norwegian class for about three hours on Monday and Wednesday, and on Tuesday I have two geography classes from 8 to noon. I have some open time, so as of right now I am planing on joining a cross country ski club here on campus, along with maybe a kayaking club too, but […]

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Just a Friday

I never write about daily doings so here goes a try at one of those. I spent about three hours this morning at my internship then I went out to explore the city. I feel like I don’t get enough time to do that – which I know sounds ridiculous but my days are so busy! I’m a bit ahead of my needed hours for the semester because I had done my interview prior to the first week so I was able to start working right away. Because of that […]

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Alex: Walkabout part III

I walked again today, mostly just for something to do. I knew from the outset that it would be a shorter walk than yesterday as I am still sore and I finished my 42-hour audiobook last night. Today I actually walked east, or at least that was my intention. Looking at the map of my route what I actually did was make a 3/4 circle and double back, going south then east then north again. I initially tried going straight east, but was met by incredibly boring if not impassable highway. Today’s […]

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Alex: Walkabout part II

The morning sun was beautiful today, and there was nothing on the schedule that needed attending, so I decided today would be the day where I choose a compass point and walk until my feet ached. It is inconsequential that the compass point I thought I had chosen was, in fact, the opposite of the direction I actually walked. I walked west (what I thought was east, my mental map of Auckland was upside-down) listening to my book the whole way and had quite the marvelous day. When I look […]

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