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The Great Outdoors

Spring Showers Bring May Flowers At Peking University, students in the school of Chinese as a Second Language are taken on one expense-paid field trip per semester. Last semester our teachers took us to the Summer Palace and out to dinner. This semester we went to the Beijing Botanical Garden so I hopped myself up on allergy pills and took a lot of pictures. I’d never seen so many flowers in my life. The Russian Embassy I don’t have any religious background and in fact have never even attended a […]

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Adam: The Stock and The Cope

It was goodbye to The Os and hello to The Stock and The Cope. Evidently, in addition to a vast knowledge of Scandinavian culture, I have become a pro at abbreviating everything. This visit was a field trip that was a part of class, but let’s be real, it was a vacation. I mean, we had reading to do and places to visit, but it was a nice departure from the… excitement of normal classes. The adventure began early Saturday morning when we boarded a six-hour train ride to Stockholm. […]

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Claire: MSID Field Trip

Sorry for not posting for like a week, but the trip to Toubacouta was just too epic to casually blog about. that, and there was a POOL and a real shower so basically no time to sit and blog. AKA, the field trip was pretty amazing. I can’t really remember the minor details so I’ll just hit the highlights. We stopped in a town called Socone where we had lunch at the house of the mayor who just happened to be the older brother of the director of WARC (West […]

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