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Semana 3: Si te gusta cherimoya…, “If you like cherimoya…”

I enjoyed taking two Flamenco dance classes this week!  I also learned the meaning of some slang words: Ta luego!= Hasta luego! or See you later!, Nada!= De nada! or You’re welcome! and Buenas!= Buenas días! or Good morning! Below is a picture of cherimoya, a delicious fruit that tastes like a piña colada but has a texture similar to a banana. I am becoming more accustomed to a few cultural differences like wearing my shoes inside the house,  eating la comida (lunch) at 2:00pm and la cena (dinner ) at 9:00pm, and keeping my […]

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This Glass is Half Full

Uffda. We have reached the halfway point of our time here in Rio. We are 2 months deep into our 4 month program. At this midway point, murmur around our study abroad program is pretty evenly split between positive and negative feelings about this realization. On the one hand… we ONLY have 2 more months in Rio!! That’s only 8 weeks of class and 8 weekends of adventures! There are so many things on my Brazil Bucket List that still need to be done. I still have so much more […]

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On the Importance of Kindness- First Days in Quito

“You’re already home where you feel loved.” I spontaneously wrote that in my notebook yesterday. This song lyric by The Head and the Heart, which formed the subject my friend’s recent amazing article about her homes was in my heart because it already applies. For real. I have been in Quito three days and I already feel so loved. Before I came here, I thought that I was doing it alone, that I needed to be brave and that I would face many challenges. I’m sure there will be challenges. […]

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