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Twenty Two Hours Later

What people don’t tell you about traveling is that leaving never gets easier. Saying goodbye, whether you are departing from your home country or your host country, is incredibly difficult. For me, this round of goodbyes was heartbreaking and soul-crushing. I’m sure all of the other goodbyes I have said have hurt just as bad, if not worse, but these goodbyes are fresh like open wounds. I have come to terms with the goodbyes I said leaving Denmark but I have yet to accept that I won’t see some of […]

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Saying Goodbye

My last day in Senegal is quickly approaching, which means this is my last blog post of the semester. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to read this blog. I hope you gained as much from reading it as I did from writing it. Goodbyes. I try so hard to avoid them, all of the discomfort and sadness that they bring. Sometimes, though, I think a goodbye turns into something more. Sometimes goodbye isn’t really a goodbye when you know you’ll be taking something with you. […]

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