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Weekly Update: 13.2.17

Short post today. This was my first weekend spent in Oslo in 3 weeks, and it was much needed. I finally got my haircut after it was the longest its been since I’ve been in college. I wondered over to a haircut place I was recommended only to find they were booked solid for the entire weekend. Since I was pretty set on getting the haircut done on Friday, I kept wandering around a little more. A few blocks down the same street there was a bumping little barbershop on […]

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Al Branches Out

Guys, I did it. I got my haircut and didn’t hate it!! I know, it sounds like the dumbest accomplishment in the world but it really is a big deal. I promise. If you know me you understand. (Hi mom, I know you just rolled your eyes). You should know I have been going to the same lady since 6th grade – separation is hard. Last time, as in last semester, when I tried to branch out and go to a new hairstylist it ended in tears and regret. So I […]

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Is the Honeymoon Period Over?: On Being Sick and Tired in a Brand New Place

It is currently 1am in Quito, and I just woke up from being asleep- on top of my computer, with my light on- since like 7pm. Maybe earlier. Yes, I have managed to get myself some sort of strange bug, which isn’t even the stomach bug I was expecting. I am exhausted and I occasionally have a headache and feel like my body is not regulating temperature sometimes. I could have a fever (a thermometer is one thing I did not bring from home and I am not sick enough […]

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