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Österreich: Salzburg

Writer Hermann Bahr once described the city of Salzburg as “Music transformed into stone.” As the birthplace of Mozart and the setting of the film The Sound of Music, it is a saying thrown around there a fair bit. I’m not sure I would have said it myself, but after exploring the city for 6 days I can see why others would. I went into this trip not knowing terribly much about Salzburg, not caring about Mozart at all, and having never seen the Sound of Music, and I still […]

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Stages of Traveling Alone:

1. Not thinking about it  Plane? Booked. Ticket? Booked. Googling pretty pictures of your destination and getting hyped up? Done and done. 2. Oh crap Here’s where it gets tough: your trip is no longer a far-off fantasy. It’s real and it’s coming quick. Whether this hits as you pack like a panic-ridden person hours before or as you’re sipping tea before bed a week before, it’ll hit. Traveling alone means figuring out public transportation on your own. It means that if you get lost in Germany, you have to […]

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Cheers from London!

CHEERS TO A BLOODY FANTASTIC SEMESTER ABROAD! As some of you may know, I am currently studying and interning abroad in London for Spring 2017 semester and then backpacking around Europe for 5 weeks afterwards (Jan. 10th- May 26th). I am so excited to have this opportunity to experience a new and beautiful culture/city and can’t wait to share it with you all! We have been here for about 2.5 days and jetlag is still not our friend. Nights have been restless and afternoons have been exhausting but completely worth […]

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48 hours of solitude: a Nice me-cation

I am full of witty quips. Except they’re not fully accurate. My voyages this weekend actually occupied a little more than 48 hours – more like 52 since I didn’t arrive at the exact mark of when I left. Also, I traveled solo but actually spent a good chunk of my time with some EXCEEDINGLY excellent company. And finally, it’s funny that it was a “nice” me-cation because I went to Nice and Monaco. Lolz 4 evr Aight, on with the words and pictures. ​ Friday, I hopped a train […]

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