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London Adventures – Feb. 14

Helllooo everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but honestly, I’ve kind of just been relaxing this last week and trying to take in everything that’s being thrown at me while here in London. Last week, and weekend for that matter, were very low key and not a lot happened… (which kind of sounds dumb to say considering the fact that I’m in London), but in all reality, I’ve basically been going to class, doing homework, and drinking a lot of coffee because midterms are next week. That […]

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Paris Adventures – Feb. 5

Hey guys, So this weekend I was in Paris, (how crazy is it to say that?!), and it was by far one of the coolest things I have ever done. The city is beautiful and had so many cultural details to it that I will never forget. The weekend started with going on a boat tour throughout Paris on Friday night. While on the tour we got to see the Eiffel Tower light up when it turned dark, and that was honestly the best way to have started that trip. […]

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London Adventures – Jan 29

Happy Sunday everyone! This past week was pretty laid back for the most part. School was good! I love my classes which makes sitting in class a lot more tolerable. In all three years of being in college, I have never been late to a class… until this last Thursday. My roommate Josie and I were at the tube (subway) station and we got on the tube like we do every day, when we realized that we got on the tube that was going the opposite direction of where we […]

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London Adventures – Jan. 19

Hey friends, As of about 12:50 this afternoon, I officially finished my first week of class in London. (!!!!!) My classes are really cool and actually super interesting. I just seem to find myself drinking lots of coffee before hand because classes are 3.5 hours long… yep, you read that right. One class is 3.5 hours long. Because they’re so long, you only have each class once a week, which is kinda nice cause you have a lot of time to work on homework. But at least I’m enjoying what […]

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