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Sunday, 9 April: Eternity in Two Days

Ciao, tutti! (Hello, everyone!) Yep, I’m using Italian again, because I visited Rome ethe weekend of Palm Sunday to start of my spring break from the Fundación Ortega-Marañon y Gasset, the school through which I am studying here in Toledo, Spain for the spring semester. I could also say “Hola a tothom!” which means the same thing in Catalan; I visited the capital of the Autonomous Community of Catalonia, Barcelona, on Friday before going to Rome. The week before my travels commenced was the last week of regular classes at the […]

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Semana 11: Nubes de azúcar

Sugar clouds… or marshmallows? Last Friday Audra and I went to Fátima.  I felt so loved that Audra went with me, because she knew how much it meant for me. Anyone who knows me knows I love popcorn. I bought a container of popcorn for Audra and I to share for a snack on the bus ride to Fátima. There wasn’t supposed to be mass when we arrived at the apparition site, but there was a large group visiting from Brasil, so they had a special mass. The mass was […]

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Mass at Santa Croce

As promised, I will briefly explain what it is like to attend mass here in Firenze. While we did not attend mass at Il Duomo, we did go to another very famous basilica: Santa Croce. It is in the cathedral that several historically famous people are buried, such as Michelangelo and Galileo Galilie. As I made my way to a pew in the church I was walking on and around large rectangular marble tiles, each with their own unique inscriptions. After mass my friend informed me that each of those […]

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