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Almost there!

It’s currently about 4pm on Wednesday afternoon here in Japan and I’m oh so close to being completely set up. I went to “au” today (a cell phone shop), and ordered my mobile wifi router. Unfortunately, the device won’t come in until Saturday morning so I have to wait just a few more days until I’m finally able to contact people from my dorm room. This week has been great! As I stated earlier, after Monday’s orientation we had a welcome party, followed by a few of us going out […]

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Fiestas Patrias

Happy belated birthday Chile! For those of you who don’t know, Chile’s Independence Day was September 18th. Instead of a measly day off and some lame fireworks like in the U.S., however, Independence Day turns into a week of celebrations. There are asados (BBQ) literally every three houses. People cram into fondas (I’m still not entirely sure of the best way to translate this..they’re basically like state fairs in various places where various vendors set up shop and people eat outrageous amounts of food). If you’re not drinking terremotos (a […]

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Fresher’s Week

So up until now, just about the only people on campus were international students, so I honestly hardly felt like I was really in whole different country. But the Sunday evening before classes started, the Irish arrived, and they arrived in force. When I woke up on Monday morning, the parking lots were full and there were people walking around everywhere, all with the most wonderful accents. Finally I was starting to feel like I was really in Ireland. Monday also brought the start of classes and the beginning of […]

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A Week (the Third One, in Particular) in Review

So there is a thing that is happening that is upsetting me. That thing is school. (Everyone is shocked, Mariah has NEVER been upset by school before, or so they think.) No, actually, I like my classes and professors (except literally every one of them is a dude, I’m going to write about gender and this country later). It is just that we are in school from 8:30 until 4 almost every day (classes vary, but it is a LONG time). There is quite a bit of homework, but now […]

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Chris: Happy Birthday Brasil!

Yesterday was the independence day for Brasil. And yes I could go on and on about the historical significance of Brasil separating from Portugal and becoming a future economic powerhouse, but I don’t know much about that stuff, and if you all are interested, there is Wikipedia. Instead I am going to talk about a party I went to, and more about the orphanage I work at. So onto a funny anecdote from the previous week. How do you truly know that you’re in Brasil? When they throw parties with […]

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