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First off I just want to say that Portugal is an amazing place and I would honestly recommend that every one go there. This trip was pretty last minute for me, I think I only bought the tickets a week before we left but some friends invited me and they already had a place to stay so it wasn’t going to be difficult or anything. However, that Friday morning that we were leaving, I woke up around 4am and just puked for no reason, I honestly don’t know what I […]

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The past month or so

Hey everyone – After receiving anywhere between negative one and one texts saying, “Hey Erik, why haven’t you been keeping up with your blog lately? I’ve been really excited for you to write another post!” the wait is over! Sorry to keep you all waiting; I’ve been traveling, had some finals, and now my parents are here in Spain! I’m currently sitting on the beach so this will be quite abbreviated as I’ve got some sun to get back to, but I’ve highlighted a few things I’ve been up to […]

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Lisboa, Portugal

Last weekend I visited Lisbon with some friends. The weather was great and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. The first day we explored the city and took a lot of photos. The next day, we joined a tour group and drove to Sintra. There, we tried Portugal’s famous pastry at a patisserie that had been in the same family since 1755! Next, we went to an estate called, “Quinta da Regaleria”. The property consisted of a romantic palace and chapel, wells, benches, fountains, a tennis court, and secret […]

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