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Week Two-Khayelitsha

My second week working for SHAWCO Health, I felt less anxious about going and more excited to get to the clinic. I was hoping to have more exciting cases and learn more that night. We went through the same process of loading onto the buses and driving to the township. It was warmer this week, so we had a lot of patients to get through. Luckily, there were a lot of students there to help that night, so we were able to run all of the cubicles and have extra […]

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What My Art History Research Taught Me About the Western World

When I originally applied for the International Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program, I had no idea that my research would change as much as it did through the course of the semester. In general, I was interested in further exploring 19th and 20th Century artwork of the Western World, le monde Occidental as it is known in French. I wanted to look at how the world rapidly developed due to industrialization and how it affected the Art world. After discussing with Professor Patrick Perry at the Beaux Arts School in Montpellier, […]

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German Play, French Cheese, and American Cinema

Tambours dans la nuit (Drums in the Night) is the French title for the German play I saw this past Saturday night. Yes I sat through a 2hr play with no intermission in French and actually understood what was going on; duly not though I probably actually only understood about 30-40% of the play. It was fascinating watching the French interpret this German production that was originally written just after WWI. The actors spoke with German inflections and used German mannerisms; at least that’s what I gathered. And got me […]

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