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Week 3-Philippi

After taking one week off from the clinic to celebrate Women’s Day, I was feeling very anxious to get back to it. I decided to try out another night and ended up going to a different clinic than the one I’d been going to in Khayelitsha. This clinic was in Philippi, and instead of being a building was a trailer that had been transformed into a makeshift clinic. We didn’t have a lot of fourth years, so I ended up with a third year medical student in a cubicle. I […]

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Miley Cyrus

Tuesday morning, at precisely 4:03am, I woke up to pretty serious pain in my stomach. I thought that I had gone to sleep too soon after eating dinner, and I just needed to walk around. I spent 4:30am-3:00pm throwing up in a bag on the floor. It was a pain that I had never felt before, and the only familiar experience I’ve had was when I had a stomach virus as a kid, with my little brother, and my stomach ached and ached all day. It felt like stomach cramping, […]

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