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Week 5-Phillipi

It was no exciting to finally be able to get back to the clinic after a two weeks off for vac and exam preparation. I was even more excited when I found out that I was going to be paired with a sixth year medical student. South Africans become general practitioners after six years, so this meant that the student I was with would be a certified M.D. in two months. There was an insane amount of international students with us tonight, which one the one hand is a great […]

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Shawnda: The Journey

PART 1 Well, I am now sitting in the Dubai airport.  I can honestly say that I hope to never come back to this airport.  Walking through its futuristic supermall-like walkways is about 5 times worse than the sidewalks of the U of M campus; not one person knows how to walk and everyone seems completely oblivious to the common rules of locomotion. As for my flights, my first was more than what I had expected.  The plane was practically empty and I had a whole row to myself, although its full potential […]

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