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Finding my Stride

Well its been a few weeks since my last post, so I am a bit over due. Its been a whirlwind of time here in Oslo. Classes have started while I continue to get situated. I have three classes at the University of Oslo Monday through Wednesday. Its nice having three days of class, as Thursday is kind of dedicated towards completing readings and other assignments, which gives me three days to go explore and have fun. Of my three class, I have Norwegian; Population, Migration and Immigration; Environment and Innovation. […]

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London Adventures – Jan. 22

Hey guys, This weekend was pretty eventful. Friday was a day off from classes, so my roommate Josie and I went to a small coffee shop and got some homework out of the way. We then went to Chinatown and saw what life is like there the week before the Chinese New Year. We had real Chinese food… because the closest thing we’ve all had is Panda Express. I even tried squid for the first time. (I don’t think I’ll have it again…) We then went back towards our apartment […]

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Week 1 Recap

Living in Italy isn’t completely what I’d expected. I miss Kraft Mac and Cheese and my mom substantially more than I should. That being said, through the tears of homesickness, there have also been many bright times. Every day, it take courage to leave my apartment and step out into the world, to venture into shops where I don’t understand the language/culture. It takes courage even to go to classes to meet other people in my program… they seem to have it all together and I do not have it […]

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Roll with the Punches

Before I started writing this post, I looked up the meaning of “roll with the punches”. Now, don’t color me stupid. I knew the gist of the saying but I just wanted to be sure for the purpose of this blog post. I found the most fitting definition on Urban dictionary and it’s this: “when things don’t go your way and you adapt to the changes and keep moving ahead instead of flipin out”.   See, that’s exactly what I had to do this weekend when I was supposed to […]

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Fall break Part I: the beginning Happy fall break ! It’s a foreign concept, but fall break actually falls in the MIDDLE of the semester at Paul-Valéry and UMontpellier 2. Crazy. No 14th week of the semester week off, it’s week 6 and we’re getting our week to be all fresh and ready for the second half of the semester. And so it’s time for a REAL ADVENTURE. Not to say that the adventures before-hand we less real, this is just going to be a week of traveling and seeing and […]

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