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A week has passed since I left Mendoza and it has felt like seconds but at the same time, it has felt like years. This is the first time I would say I have ever truly solo traveled and it is incredible. I am learning so much about myself; what I am capable of, my strengths, my weaknesses, my inability to budget well, and my need for good food. Something that has really struck me is that I am falling in love with myself. I have only been on my […]

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Un Gran Aplauso para Nuestro Asador

The beauty of Mendoza cannot be found in the buildings along the poorly paved sidewalks, nor can it be found in the among the seemingly endless stream of cars, but rather the beauty of Mendoza is found in its people and in its culture. Kissing every person on the cheek before starting anything and then again to say goodbye, passing a highly sugared cup of mate dulce with friends, family, and strangers, spending long hours doing absolutely nothing; that is Mendoza and that is beautiful. Today marks my four month […]

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My Great South American Adventure: Phase I and II

Below is my plan for the next month. I probably won’t stick entirely schedule but this is a rough overview. Also apologies for the information overload; this is copied directly from my personal notes. Phase I: Paraguay and Northeast Argentina 1/12: Bus from Mendoza to San Juan – Flight to BA, flight to Asuncion land around 18. 2-3/12: Discover Asuncion – Costanera, Palacio Presidencial, Barrio Loma San Jeronimo, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Mercados, Lago Yapicarai 4/12: Bus to Cuidad del Este – Shopping, Represe Hidrioelectrica, Puente de Amistad 5/12: […]

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No Seas Boludo

It’s November… Scroll back, what? I have hit three months in Argentina. I am nearing a hundred days. What? One of my classes finished this week, another finishes next week, and finally, by the 16th of November, all of my classes will be finished (besides the final I have on the 24th). I have eleven days until I start my summer vacation and three weeks until I begin my travels around Latin America. That’s insane. Time is a magnificent contradiction. Besides the fact that school is almost over, the last […]

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Half the World Away

Do you ever feel like time is just moving forward so quickly like a train that has lost control on its tracks? Well, that would be an accurate description of how my life has been proceeding. It is like I am living this weird paradigm of a tranqui Argentine life but also bustling forward at high speed. I am so busy; I am taking trips, meeting with friends, studying (not really, oops), essentially I am in constant motion. But on the other side of this, a lot of what I am busy […]

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Re Quemada

I have been a bad blogger… In my defense, I am doing homework instead of writing blogs. The last post that had content about my life was almost a month ago, oops. Anyways, here is an update about my Argentinean September. I finally have a schedule and have decided on classes! It is great to finally have this figured out. What isn’t great is that I wasn’t connected to the online modules for my classes for a while and I missed over three hundred pages of reading. Lets just say […]

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