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Alright, it’s been a while. At first there wasn’t much going on to write about, but then entirely too many things happened in rapid succession and I didn’t have time or energy to write. I still don’t, really, but I feel like I’ll go nuts if I don’t say something about all of this. Classes began a week ago (last Monday) at the university. The whole system is very loosey-goosey, chaotic, disorganized, and overall is the complete opposite of what I would expect a German university system to be like. […]

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Österreich: Der Salzkammergut

The second part of my trip was a 3-day visit to the Salzkammergut region of Austria. It’s basically a chain of mountains and valleys dotted with lakes and forests and such. I had never heard of it before I planned this trip, but after googling pictures of it I decided I had to see it. I thought I would be burned out of museums and big-city life after Salzburg, so a quiet retreat to a small mountain town for some hiking would be appreciated.   That turned out to be […]

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Österreich: Salzburg

Writer Hermann Bahr once described the city of Salzburg as “Music transformed into stone.” As the birthplace of Mozart and the setting of the film The Sound of Music, it is a saying thrown around there a fair bit. I’m not sure I would have said it myself, but after exploring the city for 6 days I can see why others would. I went into this trip not knowing terribly much about Salzburg, not caring about Mozart at all, and having never seen the Sound of Music, and I still […]

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Studium und Sprache

For our program, we actually arrived 6 weeks before the start of the German summer semester. The first 3 weeks are taken up by an intensive pre-session language course, then we have a 3-week break, then the semester begins. After an online placement test, we were sorted into small classes based on our proficiency level. It’s all very approximate, but higher-numbered classes are supposed to be higher-level. I’m in Deutsch 11, and have colleagues who are as low as 7 (though he really should be higher, from the sound of […]

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Die schönste Stadt

 The European aesthetic has always captivated me; cobblestone streets, tiny hole-in-the-wall shops that have been family-owned for generations, and centuries-old castles and cathedrals literally across the street from super-modern monoliths of glass and steel. There is simply nothing like this in America. You almost get whiplash just by crossing the street, like you’re suddenly traveling in time. The main shopping streets in the Altstadt are incredible to me. There aren’t many cars (and in some streets no cars), so people walk all over the street, but tram lines crisscross the […]

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Myself and I

Hey folks. If you are reading this then chances are you already know me, but just in case you don’t: My name is Timothy. I was spurred to start blogging in order to chronicle my upcoming adventures in Germany, but I also intend to use this blog to write down my thoughts on other topics. I am a person who stutters, a person who has dramatically (and intentionally!) changed the course of his life at least twice, a massive nerd, an artist, and someone who likes to pretend to be […]

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