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Hello! You probably stumbled upon this blog wondering about studying abroad in Korea, or perhaps you’re just a wanderer. Here is a little information about me to get this blog started! Feel free to contact me via social media with any questions. Name: Brenna Age: 20 Location: Seoul, South Korea University: Korea University Anyways, this blog is about the trials of life abroad as a student, and even the life of someone applying to be a student abroad. There is a lot of work that goes in not only preparing […]

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As of this moment, it is before my first volunteering with the Eastern Social Welfare Center, where I will be spending an hour of my time with babies in their facility. I have never done volunteering with young babies before, so I predict that this will be an impact and emotional experience. Even when I had a short introduction and training session at the location, the emotions already started to dwindle inside. Being there is quite eerie, especially because it was at that exact location a friend of mine was […]

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Sex slavery has been an issue that has haunted Korea for years, and puts a huge strain in Korean-Japanese relations. For those who do not know much about this issue, below is a very well made animation for this issue. It even uses the voices of actually survivors who share their traumatic and agonizing past. Moreover, the reason for this topic is that I had been able to experience one of the famous 수요 집회 or Wednesday Demonstrations. These demonstrations are held weekly to continuously urge Japan to readdress the […]

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On October 15th, I was privileged with the opportunity to see a play that surrounded a storyline of the daily struggles that North Koreans refugees face living in South Korea. Basically, the storyline was 3 interconnected stories of individuals breaking the stereotypes that ingulf North Koreans while growing their personal relationship with the North Korean refugee that surrounds them. and changing their perspectives. It was absolutely wonderful, each and every actor did a sublime job, and there were four actors who were refugees themselves. Ever since my first involvement with the […]

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Small excursion to the small cities of central Korea that are filled with various facets of traditional Korean society. CIEE is the exchange student program that I am on, and one of the benefits of this program is the great excursion that they have planned for us. Before classes started, we went to a few cities in the middle of Korea that are each famous for showcasing different facets of traditional Korean society. I created a vlog of my experience, and I hope you enjoy the video. It sums up the trip […]

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