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London Adventures – April 17

Happy Monday, everyone! I’m currently sitting in class watching the film, “American Honey”, and ironically enough I can’t get over the fact that at the end of this week I will be back in the States and back with all my friends and family from back home. Don’t ask me how the time went so fast, because honestly I have no idea either, but if you figure it out, let me know… I have 5 more days left of my adventure and I have so many things that I’m going […]

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London Adventures – March 12

Hey friends! My new favorite thing to do here in London is to go and sit in Hyde Park and people watch. As creepy as it may sound, I’m completely fascinated by the different types of people here in London, and I’m always so curious as to what everyone’s story is. Where did they come from? Who makes up their family? What do they like to do in their spare time? What kind of music is playing through their headphones? Where are they heading off to now? I know it […]

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London Adventures – Jan. 19

Hey friends, As of about 12:50 this afternoon, I officially finished my first week of class in London. (!!!!!) My classes are really cool and actually super interesting. I just seem to find myself drinking lots of coffee before hand because classes are 3.5 hours long… yep, you read that right. One class is 3.5 hours long. Because they’re so long, you only have each class once a week, which is kinda nice cause you have a lot of time to work on homework. But at least I’m enjoying what […]

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