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Paris Adventures – Feb. 5

Hey guys, So this weekend I was in Paris, (how crazy is it to say that?!), and it was by far one of the coolest things I have ever done. The city is beautiful and had so many cultural details to it that I will never forget. The weekend started with going on a boat tour throughout Paris on Friday night. While on the tour we got to see the Eiffel Tower light up when it turned dark, and that was honestly the best way to have started that trip. […]

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London Adventures – Jan 29

Happy Sunday everyone! This past week was pretty laid back for the most part. School was good! I love my classes which makes sitting in class a lot more tolerable. In all three years of being in college, I have never been late to a class… until this last Thursday. My roommate Josie and I were at the tube (subway) station and we got on the tube like we do every day, when we realized that we got on the tube that was going the opposite direction of where we […]

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London Adventures – Jan. 22

Hey guys, This weekend was pretty eventful. Friday was a day off from classes, so my roommate Josie and I went to a small coffee shop and got some homework out of the way. We then went to Chinatown and saw what life is like there the week before the Chinese New Year. We had real Chinese food… because the closest thing we’ve all had is Panda Express. I even tried squid for the first time. (I don’t think I’ll have it again…) We then went back towards our apartment […]

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London Adventures – Jan. 13

This weekend we did all things touristy. We went on this 4 hour coach bus tour through London, and I guess I never really realized just how big this place is. So many times throughout the tour I thought we were in a different place, but turns out it was just a different part of London. Apparently my apartment is in THE area to be in in London… especially considering the fact that Madonna lives just down the road from me… (!!!!) I also got to see Buckingham Palace… Sadly, […]

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A Content American

Something I’ve noticed in England is how many Americans, within days of landing in Britain, begin trashing the United States.   “Yeah, American politics are a joke.”   “Americans are fat.”   “England rocks. America needs to get its shit together.”   It’s like a giant, self-conscious apology no one asked them to give on behalf of the United States.   I understand this habit, kind of. American politics can get circus-y, the U.S. certainly suffers from an obesity epidemic, and so on. But the facts rarely seem to be the speaker’s […]

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