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Sumo 相撲

As many of you may not know, back in early January I joined the Hiroshima University Sumo Team after I heard how fun it was from two of my American friends who had both joined the team prior to me. After starting practice, I realized not only is it a once in a life time opportunity to practice sumo in Japan, it’s also a great chance to practice Japanese, and ONE HELL OF A WORKOUT, the only reason professional Sumo are so huge, is because they eat nearly 3 times […]

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End of the semester/ Quick update

I see that once again it’s been quite a while since my last post so just wanted to give a quick update during my study break. It’s currently Sunday afternoon here in Hiroshima and my semester ends on Wednesday. As the Japanese school calendar is different from ours in America, a university’s 2nd semester ends in February with the following school year’s 1st semester starting up in April. So, although I’m here for an entire academic year, I am technically here for 2nd semester of one school year, and the […]

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Sumo and more

Hello all, I see it’s been quite a while since my latest post so I think it’s time to give a little bit of an update. The last two weeks have kept me pretty busy with school, work, and still trying to have a social life. I now work at both the English speaking cafe, and I am helping out a professor here at HU who did his undergrad at (believe it or not) UW-Riverfalls, who needs native English speakers to help him out with writing a few pod-casts for […]

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