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A Pence For Your Thoughts

Days have been long  and nights even longer, but I have never been happier. I still wake up every morning and smile just knowing that I am living my dream of traveling and exploring the world. The hectic life of a poor traveling college student is a life I would never give up for the world! Since the last time I posted I have traveled to Hungary, Ireland, Italy and Denmark…. I know, it’s a lot. While all my travels have been memorable and amazing in their own way, the […]

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Art & Culture

Brussels is an art city…something I love to take advantage of ???? My host mom, Brigitte, is actually a painter herself so she loves to go to all sorts of arts shows and I love to tag along and/or take her recommendations. About two weeks ago, Brigitte took me to BRAFA, which is an insanely large art fair held every year in an old airplane hangar near Brussels’ port. It was spectacular. There are galleries from all over the world that come and set up little mini exhibitions- it’s kind […]

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