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Well, this certainly came up quickly. I was accepted to the University Study in Freiburg study abroad program in August 2016, and had been gathering materials for the application since May or June. And now I leave for Germany on Sunday the 26th. The reading materiel I’ve been given for class posits that the study abroad experience actually begins before you arrive, while preparing, so I thought I might jot down some of my thoughts. This won’t be terribly eloquent, I’m afraid; I’m too frazzled to write that way right […]

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From Pisa to Paris: Learning to Navigate the World

Extensive traveling is equally exciting as it is exhausting. People post incredible photos online of their picturesque getaways, showcasing the absolute highlights of their vacation. But what’s not shown are the endless lines outside of bathrooms, the labyrinth of different train platforms, and the groggy travelers hectically pushing through the masses trying to catch their next ride. Megan and I set off from Florence for a ten day journey; Train to Pisa, then fly to Paris, Amsterdam, Prague, and Milan. Then we would catch a train from Milan back to […]

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