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Sarah: ¡Mérida, Venezuela!

This is me, blogging comfortably from my hammock at Venusa, the college where I am studying in Mérida. And this is one of my favorite study areas: Beautiful, isn’t it? One of my favorite things about the school and about life in Venezuela in general is that people are so much a part of nature. The houses and schools all have areas that are open to the outdoors, like this one. Some things that are interesting here: They eat lots of jamón y queso (ham and cheese), the café con leche (coffee […]

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Jim: final days in Merida

With only about a week left in Mérida, I plan to spend some time getting to the places in town that I haven’t made time for yet. A few more souvenirs to pick up yet as well (most will come from the markets, too bad about fresh fruit, though). You’ll see a  few more pics in this slideshow than normal, a little bit of most of the things I’ve gotten into since coming to Venezuela. I definitely want to give Ysaac a big pat on the back! He took care […]

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Jim: Host family appreciation night

Tuesday June 8th (I think – no longer sure of the day or date) was appreciation night. This was when students prepared meals at VENUSA for their host families as a way of saying thanks. There was a very good turn out, dishes were pot-luck style, although there wasn’t a lot of organization regarding who brought what. I think there were about 25 pasta salads, 20 deserts, & maybe ½ a dozen potato salads. All very good, at least those I tried were good, just a little funny. I can’t […]

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Robert: El estado y el medio ambiente

The dawn in Mérida breaks with the sharp crack of a four-cylinder engine. It’s the sound of traffic outside my window and it follows me through my day—on the bus, to VENUSA, into every store, and into the apartment. There are other sounds here, too, like birds singing and the breeze coming through the window, but a car racing up the street or a car horn frequently pierces the calm. Honking—that’s another inescapable sound. Drivers here honk, I gather, for three main reasons: because they’re tired of the traffic line, […]

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