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Does Privilege Shade Our Experiences?

This weekend, my study abroad program is spending 3 days (technically less) in an indigenous village just outside the city of São Paulo. What we know about this stay: They live VERY humbly, we may not get to shower, there are lots of bugs, time moves slowly, and only two meals are typically made a day. Leading up to this week, there has been little positivity and a lot of complaining; I, myself, am guilty of whining a bit. The question I want to challenge is WHY? In 2011, I was […]

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La Lutte

I spent this past weekend in the village of Toubacouta, part of a four-day trip with my program to get out of the city and supplement classroom learning with real-life experience. The village was small, located about a four hours’ drive South of Dakar. We may as well have traveled for days though because, as any Senegalese will tell you, village life in Senegal is entirely different from life in the city. So too are sporting events different in the village, and for the first time I got to watch […]

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Parsa Man Parcha (Or I Like Parsa Wildlife Reserve [Celebrating Holi]) Pt. 3

Greetings Friends, I hope this message finds you well. To complete this trilogy of posts from our experiences in Parsa, I am thrilled to update you about celebrating ‘Holi’. Holi is a spring festival that is celebrated largely across southern Asia. It is also known as the festival of colors or festival of love. Originally a Hindu holiday, Holi has spread in popularity past its roots and into the mainstream culture. Even in America, the popular ‘Color Run’ models itself after this holiday. It came to pass that celebrating Holi fell […]

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Spring Break Positano Day 3

Our third day in Positano was a free day to do what ever we pleased. Graced by the warm sunshine again, we decided to use the beautiful day hiking the famous Footpath of the Gods. But before our hike I had to take a moment to enjoy the beach… To get to the Footpath of the Gods we had to take the Citta Bus up the mountain to a very quaint coast town which holds the entrance to the Footpath. At the entrance to the village we came across a […]

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