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Outside looking in

This will be a quick post. Sitting in Norway its very easy to tell women have an equal place in society. Erna Soldberg is the current Prime Minister. Crime against women is apparently low. The gender pay gap here is the lowest in the OECD. With that said, I’m amazed that the hearts of the people here still break for the women in the US, so much so that sister marches press on here, as well as so many other countries around the world. Its truly amazing. For the women […]

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Eric: Women in Morocco

Back from the desert, I was sore and tired. Getting up the next morning was almost as hard as climbing that hill back in the desert. Determined not to skip, I still went to my two classes, and found out that there was this lecture on women in Morocco. I was semi-interested, and thought I should at least go to one lecture offered by ALIF (I missed the one on Berber culture a few weeks ago). It turned out that the lecture was mandatory for students on the U of […]

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