Hello, me again! This week, I asked people following my study abroad Instagram account (@abroadwithalliejoy – go follow me! My page is linked to this blog! Couldn’t be easier!) to ask questions about life in Spain. Now, it’s time to answer these questions:

What is the best food you’ve had so far? (I already know it’s OJ hehe)
It is indeed true that the fresh squeezed orange juice in Spain is out. of. this. world. I’m sure fresh squeezed orange juice is this great everywhere, but as someone who never had it at home, I’m in heaven! My host mother makes me fresh squeezed orange juice for breakfast multiple times a week. Every time she goes to the grocery store, she comes back with 15+ oranges!
How’s the food? ??
Food is delicious! I eat most of my lunches at La Fund and most of my dinners with my host family. At La Fund, every single meal includes salad (with olive oil, vinegar, and pepper as dressing) and bread – so much bread. My host mom is an incredible chef, so I’m lucky that I get to eat so many meals with her and the girls. Some of my favorite meals that she has made me are quinoa with steak and veggies, salmon with green bean salad, and a beef stew with rice, potatoes, and mixed veggies.
How are you? Did you try any new foods?
I am doing well, thanks for asking! Moving to a new country where I know absolutely no one has definitely been overwhelming, but I am learning so much. And YES, so many new foods. My favorite has been “una tortilla española”. This is a staple in Spain, and my host mother taught me how to make it! First, you thinly slice potatoes and onions, then fry them in a LOT of olive oil. Next, you scramble some eggs and add the potato/onion mix to the eggs. Last, you cook the whole thing in a pan like you’re making an omelette. The flavor is so rich! I’ve also tried a lot of new fruits. Figs are my favorite!
What has been your favorite food spot so far?!
Okay, here is a funny story: on one of our first days here, a few girls from my program went to a restaurant up the street from La Fund and ordered something with chicken, but didn’t know what to expect. Well, out came chicken wings! So, this restaurant has been nicknamed B Dubs after Buffalo Wild Wings, but don’t worry, it has a lot of traditional Spanish food too. There is outdoor seating and it is our go to place if we want to get food, and one of the waiters – Juan – even knows some of us now! But other than B Dubs, my favorite restaurant is one that is on a giant patio overlooking the outskirts of Toledo. The ambiance is great and view is even better!
What is something in Spain that you wish existed in the U.S.?
This is going to sound silly, but cobblestone streets. And here is why: they make my walk to and from school (which involves SO many hills) much more exciting, and they remind me of the rich history that Spain, and specifically Toledo, has. Everything is a little bit more magical when you know that the streets you’re walking on have been walked on for thousands of years (and a little bit more perilous… I’ve almost tripped several times!).

Thanks to everyone who asked questions! If anyone has other questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below and I’ll respond to them in the future. ¡Hasta luego!