During my fall break trip, I was traveling alone for essentially the entire time. Doing a solo trip in Europe was something I wanted to do at some point during my study broad experience, and fall break turned out to be the perfect time to do it. When I got back, so many people asked what I thought about traveling alone. I have very mixed feelings!

On one hand, it was great. I was able to do whatever I wanted to do whenever I wanted to do it. If I was hungry, I could eat. If I saw a cute store, I could stop in and browse. And most importantly: if I wanted to take my hundredth picture of Spanish streets or stained glass windows in a church, there was no one there to roll their eyes at me. I am someone who takes their time at different attractions and monuments, so knowing that I had all the time in the world to soak in cities that I may never be back to was a great feeling. And best of all, I have so much more confidence in myself after traveling alone. I did every part of the process myself – from planning the trip to purchasing tickets to navigating the cities! After fall break, I’m pretty sure I can handle any adventure that life throws at me.

On the other hand, it was lonely at times. I didn’t expect this as I have always enjoyed my alone time, but there were times when I was walking through the streets of Spain and just wanted someone to talk to. Or worse, wanted someone to take my picture! I learned that traveling alone = lots of selfies. Coming back to Toledo after fall break was a blast, because I could finally share my travel stories with all of my friends at La Fund.

All in all, I wouldn’t trade my experience during fall break for the world. Though there were ups and downs, I am glad I was able to do the solo trip I have always dreamed of. And who knows, maybe there will be more in the future…