Thoughts from this weekend in London town:

1. If you spend enough enough time waiting outside of Buckingham palace, maybe you will actually marry a prince.

2. The amount of quality British rom coms set in London is unreal, but there’s no one I’d rather recreate a photo of my grandparents with people had the audacity to move historic cannons, which makes recreating

3. Recreating photos is difficult! Especially when the Brits have the audacity to more historic canons and rearrange space.

4. Abbey Road is truly still a road! And those cars stop for no tourists (despite the seemingly hundreds/thousands that must flock there everyday just to cross the street. (Why’d the tourist cross the road? To snap the most instagrammable pic.)

5. I’ve never had such difficulty crossing streets even with signs telling me where to look. And then you add trying to look as iconic as the Beatles with half the amount of people, and you end up just running weirdly across the a real street with real cars way too many times

6. Platform 9 3/4 is truly a magical place. I’ve never enjoyed a tourist trap more. And if the guy getting paid to flick your scarf tells you to lay on the floor as if you are getting pulled through the wall by the cart, just do it.

7. British accents truly are more fun. I think “bloody h*ll” deserves to be said between every sentence.

8. Life is what happens when you’re too busy making plans.