I got to fly into Heathrow with one of my roommates Maddie, which was really nice for navigating the Underground on our way to the apartment. We flew into the airport around noon, and had to wait about an hour and a half to get through the line at customs. The man joked with me a bit. He asked how old I was and I said I was 20, and then he checked my birthday on my passport and said “ah, 21 soon” in his strong accent, “what a waste” and stamped my visa.

Maddie and I took the Underground, which they call the Tube here, to the apartment. The workers at the station were super helpful in guiding us to the right line to take. We took the Piccadilly Line to West Kensington with no problem, but my directions that I’d printed out only led us to the neighborhood and we couldn’t find our building. We found another CAPA building and an employee there pointed us in the right direction to go all the way down the street and turn right. It was farther down than we expected so we turned around once, turned back, walked past it, and back tracked and eventually found it after an extra mile or so of walking. 

Our flat is on the third floor in an apartment with no elevator, so we then had to hike all of our luggage up the stairs (the 50lb checked bag was a nightmare). We each had to take two trips. My arms were sore the next day. The apartment is really cute. There are two bedrooms, a double and a triple. I’m rooming with Maddie and Bri. There’s a bathroom in our room, and another bathroom across the hall. There’s a cute little kitchen with some dishes provided and a living room space.

We were absolutely exhausted after the flight and trek to the apartment so instead of grabbing groceries or going out to dinner, Maddie, Bri, Jamie, and I decided to grab some Domino’s from down the street. After that truly authentic English meal, at around 6pm, we decided to go for a walk around Westminster. All of us were crashing around the apartment and we wanted to make sure that we stayed up late enough to help ease the jet lag. We walked by Big Ben, which is currently covered in scaffolding for a renewal project, the London Eye, and Westminster Abbey. 

I was planning to get groceries and unpack after we got back, but we were so exhausted that we just went to sleep. I slept for 11 hours.