Today we had a walking tour of our neighborhood, Hammersmith, and took a bus tour around London. I think the pictures say more than I can about the day.

It was a really long, but also beautiful and interesting day. After resting and taking a power nap, we rallied and went out in Chinatown. We made it home around 2:30am and I think I fell asleep around 3:30am, when I’m normally out by 11, but it’s fine.

Sunday, 12/01/19

Sunday was a rest & recovery day. Orientation definitely did its job, but it was also really draining. After sleeping in, I ventured into Brixton to find my internship site so I know where I’m going tomorrow on my first day!

Brixton was adorable and I can’t wait to explore it more since I’ll be spending about 20 hours a week there. I read somewhere that it’s a big mutlicultural hub, but that it’s also being gentrified. I hope to learn more about the community and its history. 

After making my way back to Hammersmith, I stopped by a coffeeshop on our street called Chapter Coffee. We finished off the night by running to the pound store to get some necessities for the flat like laundry detergent and towels. I’m going to call it a pretty early night so I can prepare myself for my first day at the new internship! ?