Today we made our way west to Stonehenge & the city of Bath. We had to meet outside of CAPA at 8:00am to take off on the bus ride and we didn’t get back until around 7:00pm so it was a long day, but so stunning.

We had about a two hour drive to Stonehenge where we had about an hour and a half to explore. On the drive in, we passed several ancient burial grounds where were mounds that looked like small hills. When we pulled into Stonehenge, the weather did not agree with us whatsoever. It was so cold and rainy. Since we haven’t gotten much rain in London over the 10 days we’ve been here, I was extremely underprepared and did not wear my rainboots or rain jacket. Luckily enough, I keep my umbrella in my backpack at all times! Because it was so cold and wet outside, we didn’t stay outside for too long, but long enough to take in the beauty (and the sheep)!

The stones are roped off, but the tour guide informed us that in the 60s and 70s they used to be completely open for guests to touch the stones – some people would even sit on them to have lunch. Even with the rope, we still got pretty close!

There were so many sheep roaming around the countryside on the drive there and some more right next door.

We stopped at the visitor center cafe after we sought out shelter in the warmth, where Jamie and I split a Rock Cake (cute marketing, Stonehenge – I see you), which was a cross between a cookie and a scone. So good.

If the weather had cooperated a little better, I would have liked to take more time to listen to the audio guide and take more time wandering around. By the time we wrapped up our snacking, we also didn’t have enough time to go through the exhibits (which are honestly my favorite part of historic sites!) I’ll just have to come back.

We were off to our next stop at the city of Bath, Somerset, which was about another hour west. Bath is known for and named after its Roman-built Baths. It’s located in the river valley of the River Avon. We got to roam around the shopping center for lunch before making our way to the Roman Baths. The roomies and I got burgers (are we American enough?) and stopped at the Cornish Bakery right outside of the Baths to grab a sweet treat.

Packing Stonehenge & Bath into one day was definitely draining and I wish we could have had some more time to explore Bath on our own. Despite the weather and tight schedule, Stonehenge & Bath were absolutely beautiful and such a wonderful way to spend a Saturday.

Beatles Tour

Today, Maddie, Bri, and I went on the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour.

We started the tour in Soho Square, where we got to see MPL and have a brief lesson on music publishing, rights, & loyalties.

Next stop was Trident Studios in Soho, London which has recorded several iconic artists & records including The Beatles with Hey Jude (Jul 1968), Dear Prudence (Aug 1968), Honey Pie (Oct 1968), Martha My Dear (Oct 1968), Savoy Truffle (Oct 1968), and I Want You (She’s So Heavy) (July 1969), David Bowie with Space Oddity (Nov 1969), Changes (Nov 1971), Life On Mars (Nov 1981), and The Jean Genie (Apr 1973), Queen with Seven Seas of Rhye (Jul 1973) and Bohemian Rhapsody (Nov 1975), James Taylor with Carolina in my Mind (Jul 1968), and Elton John with Your Song (Jan 1970), Rocket Man (Jan 1972), Crocodile Rock (Jun 1972), Candle In The Wind (May 1973) and Saturday Night’s Alright (Jul 1973).

The next stop was the venue of the iconic impromptu rooftop concert. This was the final public performance of the Beatles and appears in the Let It Be documentary. In a 42-minute set, they played three takes of “Get Back,” to takes of “Don’t Let Me Down,” two takes of “I’ve Got a Feeling,” “One After 909,” and “Dig a Pony” before the police asked them to reduce the volume. We also got to see where Paul met Linda and John met Yoko!

Our last stop was Abbey Road Studios, where the Beatles recorded almost all of their albums and hits between 1962 and 1970. 

The wall outside of Abbey Road Studios is completely filled with signatures and notes. Our guide said that they repaint it white every 3 months or so, but it fills up almsot immediately again. I didn’t have a pen or sharpie on me, so I will have to make my way back to make sure I leave my legacy.

I can’t express what it feels like to be in such a cultural hub where icons like the Beatles, Bowie, Queen, etc. have spent so much time and have so much history and influence! It’s absolutely wild.

A way better way to spend a weekend than doing homework (even if I’m a little bit behind now, it’s fine).