Wow. Has it really already been a month?!? Time has been flying here! In honor of a full month in Spain, I would like to share my daily/weekly routine with you all just because it is quite different from my norm in the U.S.


7am—Wake up.

Soooo very, very unfortunately I ended up with classes at 8:30 every day here. If you know me, you know that I am NOT a morning person, so this has been a huge adjustment for me.

7:50am—Leave for class.

Also unfortunate: the bus ride from my house to the school is about 25-30 minutes and the bus only comes by about every half hour so if I miss the one that comes at 8, I will end up being at least 10 minutes late to class.

On Mondays and Wednesdays I have just the one class until 9:55. Afterwards, I go to my internship at the Office of Tourism until 2.


On the days I have my internship, I go back to my house and eat lunch with my host-family. Like I had mentioned in my very first post, meal times are much later here so we usually eat right around 3. After lunch is Siesta, when everyone just kinda chills (I usually take a nap).

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have classes more spaced out during the day so I usually eat lunch and spend the whole day at the Fund (our nickname for the school). Unfortunately, I have no opportunity for a siesta on these days.


Once again, everything is much later here but I am realizing that my family actually eats even later than most in Spain. Most of the student living with families here say they eat between 8:30-9:30pm, but 10:30-11pm is pretty standard in my household. Most nights after dinner I just dip out to go to bed but some nights I’ll stay up for a little while to watch TV with them (especially if La Voz, the Spanish version of The Voice, is on).


Obviously when we don’t eat until 11 and if I stay up to watch La Voz or finish some homework for the next day I don’t get to sleep until very late. So, yeah, most nights I’m lucky if I can get 6 full hours of sleep (and according to my FitBit, I have only gotten a full 8 hours 3 times since I got here), and now you can see why the transition to being a morning person is even harder here.

Weekend schedules depend on whether or not I’m traveling but when I am the mornings are usually still pretty early and nights obviously go pretty late to squeeze in all kinds of activities. During the couple weekends I have spent in Toledo, luckily, I get to sleep in because my whole host-fam does as well.

So that’s a peek into my daily life in Spain! Maybe I’ll come back to the States as a morning person!