It’s crazy to think that there are only three more weeks left this program!

(Including one week of vacation for Semana Santa and the last weekend is finals)

To begin the month of April with a bang, a large group (20 to be exact) of students from the fundacion went to Mallorca- an island off the coast of Spain, 1 of 3 Balearic Islands, and we rented a big beach house with a pool. It was a really fun weekend full of sand and sun. The majority of people arrived Thursday morning to Mallorca while another 8 of us took a 9pm flight because we had class all day. The beach house was on the south side of the island in a town called Santanyí (about an hour from Palma- the capital). When we got there around midnight on Thursday we all stayed up playing games and walking on the beach

Disclaimer: every night is was a late night, but in the best way possible, spending time with friends. The next day (Friday) we spent time by the pool and then by beach, including a game of futbol with some brits, then when it got cooler we played some more games at the house. On Saturday, we played volleyball in the sand and then created our own version of kickball in the sand which was really fun and resulted in a LOT of sore muscles! There was also a lot of jumping in the pool and the ocean and then quickly getting out because it was freezing. One of my favorite parts was on Saturday night when we pushed two couches together on the deck and 6 of us layes outside looking at the stars until about 4am. We also cooked all of our own meals for the weekend (feeding 20 is no easy task) and the house technically only slept 14 people so there was a lot of cuddling to fit everyone. It was such a nice relaxing weekend and I got to bond closer with a lot of people in the program I had not spent time yet, which was very fun.

Good times with great friends!!

Coming up next is a beach weekend round 2 as my friend Michelle (from the U of M) and I spent Easter week in the Canary Islands.