I had the absolute best weekend trip to Copenhagen! I got to stay with Kyra at the Copenhagen Business School and have her show me around her European home; I also got to see my other favorite international student in Copenhagen, Sloan! I got into Copenhagen around 12:15pm on Friday and was only there for 2 days. However, we got the most beautiful weather – we had blue skies and sun from Friday until Sunday and between 55-65 degrees almost all day long. Because it was so gorgeous, we spent almost the entire time outside! I was sick the entire time I was there, but it didn’t hold us back and I left feeling better than when I arrived.

Friday, 05/05/2019

After Kyra picked me up at the airport and got me settled into her studio, we went on a free walking tour of the city. This was really good to hear a bit about Danish history and culture, especially the bits about hygge, which is “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.” A lot of this results from the idea that because the government provides so much to its people, Danes are so much more than their jobs and material belongings. They really love to spend time with people they love and make the most out of every moment, which is exactly what we did all weekend  

The tour ended in Nyhavn, which is the classic beautiful strip of colorful buildings on a canal that I always think of when I think of Copenhagen. We walked around a bit and then went to meet some of Kyra’s friends on the water to rent a boat! We spent 2 hours just meandering through the canals. It was such a nice way to see so much of the city in a fun way.

Saturday, 06/04/2019

Saturday was absolutely packed, but so much fun. We started our day at the Botanical Garden (Botanisk Have) and then made our way over to the Rosenborg Castle and Gardens. After that, we grabbed takeaway lunch at this burger place called Halifax (where we got the BEST chicken & veggie burger) and ate it at the lakes. We saw some swan paddle boats in the water and decided that we had to at least LOOK at how much they were, and when they were under our cutoff limit, we decided to go paddle boating for 30 mins.

After our second boating adventure, we made our way to a cemetery to see some blooming cherry blossoms (Bispebjerg Kirkegard), which just happened to be blooming the one weekend that I was in Copenhagen. They were ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. Words cannot describe how beautiful and magical it was.

We then explored around a fun park called Superkilen and biked to Reffen for dinner, where we ate handmade pasta and watched the sunset over the water. Reffen was this super hipster hangout, with takeaway restaurants built into old shipping containers. It was very post-industrial, very hipster, and kind of reminded me of Minneapolis?

Sunday, 07/04/2019

Of course we started the morning with Sunday brunch. We went to this adorable place called Mad & Kaffe. You got to pick 3-7 small plates. It was so cute and so good. I got a well-rounded meal of scrambled eggs, a croissant, and vanilla pudding.

We then made our way over to the Church of our Savior, where we climbed an ungodly amount of stairs, but where we got the most stunning view of the city. Before catching my plane home, Kyra took me to get the best falafel of my life (still thinking about it tbh). And that was it.

I absolutely fell in love with Copenhagen. Between the amazing company (thanks Kyra & Sloan) and the incredible charm of the city, I had the absolutely most wonderful weekend trip I could imagine. Copenhagen is definitely a city that you could spend at least a week there trying to hit it all, but I am so pleased with how I got to spend my 48 hours there! Until next time, Cope!