Chuseok Holiday Week

What an eventful week! This week was Chuseok Holiday week so we have no school and everything is closed from Monday to Wednesday so we had to get creative with things to do in Seoul. Chuseok (추석) is a 3-day harvest festival holiday, or also known as, Korean Thanksgiving. Koreans usually go back to their hometowns to see their families and pay their respects to the spirits of their ancestors. Because of this the foreigners here as stuck figuring out what’s open and what to do. I spent the beginning […]

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A Moment of Reflection

As our classes come to an end, I’ve been reflecting on the past seven weeks I’ve spent here in Bangalore. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that there is no one right way to look at a country like India. But through interacting with all of these fabulous professors and dedicated activists, I’ve been forced to acknowledge that, when it comes to trusting that people can create change, I’ve been rather cynical about the state of the world. I’ve taken the easy way out here, without a doubt – cynicism is […]

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 So, going to Geneva was going to be my first trip that was “alone”. I didn’t travel alone, I traveled with 4 other friends, but for the first time we weren’t traveling with our school or any program directors. We were in charge of our own schedule and we were in charge of finding our own way in the city- and I’d say we did a pretty good job. Our flight left from Madrid at 9:50am and so we had to get up pretty early to make it to the […]

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Music and FOOD

Well, I am really sorry for being a HORRIBALE BLOGGER! I am new at this and with limited internet access and unlimited amount of homework I don’t post as much as I should. Yesterday our group went to celebrate 2 of the girl’s birthday. It was a BLAST! India is a full of opposites and contradictions. As conservative as it is, it’s also modernity, we went out to FENNY’s a beautiful- California style restaurant, serving all kind of western foods with a LIVE DJ! It was an amazing place with […]

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My Frist African Wedding (Harusi Kwanza ya Afrika)

By far, this must have been my best night yet in Tanzania. For my program, we have the most amazing Tanzanian woman, Mercy, who ensures we survive our time abroad. Not only have we been able to come to Mercy with our questions about cultural norms, classes and language translations, but I’ve had the opportunity to find a wonderful Tanzanian friend who I can learn from on a daily basis. Mercy’s sister got married this weekend and we (myself and another American student) had the great honor of attending this […]

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Chefchaouen, The Blue City

A herd of young Americans huddled on the side of a narrow road only a couple steps away from loose rocks rolling down a shallow hill. About an hour away from Fes, past the touristy look-out where three or four huts full of gourds and straw hats accompany a pretty view of a depleting water source. The tire had blown off the back right wheel of the 17-passenger bus carting us to Chefchaouen. The still-morning sun was gaining warmth, turning the brisk morning into another warm Moroccan day, and we […]

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Getting a Haircut & (Indian) Beauty Standards

Tired of battling with my hair every day, I decided to chop most of it off a few days ago. While I was sitting there listening to Enrique Iglesias sing “Hero” as this lady cut my hair, the power went out at least 4 times. No one seemed to notice. What people did notice was the pile of blonde hair on the floor, mixing in with the various shades of black that had already collected there. Sitting there, with the faces of blonde models staring down at me, I was […]

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Where Have the Last Two Months Gone?!

I have roughly hit my two month mark here in South Korea and I can’t believe it’s been that long. The days here have gone Way Too Fast! It feels like yesterday when I first saw the main gates of Korea University. It’s hard to imagine not being here next semester. It really does feel like home despite the language barrier and culture differences. This week is Midterm week so I’m writing this blog to take a break from studying. Procrastination at it’s finest! This week I started volunteering at […]

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One Month Update: I’m doing just fine

If we’re being real, study abroad is hard. I’m on the other side of the world, forced to speak a new language, not know where anything is, and battle the price of international calls home. I am constantly dirty and I’ve yet to hear a moment of silence. Of the contacts in my phone, I’ve known none for more than a month. Stores and hospitals and cultural expectations are different, and you can’t tell people that they’re wrong. And it makes me tired. But somehow in the midst of everything […]

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Studying Abroad

Although it may look like I’m just abroad living a dream ((which I am)), but doing no school work or studying, I assure you I am. I’m only taking four classes this semester though, so I have a bit lighter load than I typically might at the University of Minnesota. For the record though, today one of my professors told me that travel is more important that school. So HA! Still, as a design student, I think I have the biggest workload out of anyone else in my program here.. […]

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Reproducing in Denmark

This Wednesday, I visited Rigshospitalet’s Fertility Clinic and Maternity Hotel on a field study for Pregnancy, Birth, and Infancy in Denmark. Anna-Karina, a gynecologist at the fertility clinic, invited us in from the rain to give us a lecture about the regulations of fertility treatments in Denmark and what kind of services the facility offers. A lot of what she discussed was a refresher for me from what I heard at the fertility clinic in Odense during Core Course Week (such as how fertility peaks in the early 20’s, and […]

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This Saturday, our program, CIS abroad, took us to Ayutthaya. Ayutthaya was the old capital city of Thailand and once the largest city in the world. Today it’s a UNESCO world heritage site, and a beautiful one at that. Around the city are many different cultural sites including the Royal Summer Home, a museum of ancient relics from the old capital city, a temple in ruins, and an active buddhist temple, all of which we toured throughout the day. My favorite by far was the ruins of the old temple. […]

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It’s been a little while since I’ve written, but again this is because so much has been happening! To start off, we’ve been visiting some pretty cool places for class: Sainte-Chapelle Palais du Louvre Institut des Cultures d’Islam Château Vincens So far one of my favorite aspects about my experience abroad are the field studies we do outside of the classroom during class time. Actually being able to visit and see works or buildings we are studying is not only helpful in being able to understand the material but also […]

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Honey & Alien Brains

So India has some totally strange produce, especially when it comes to fruit. Now that I’ve tried a few of the local fruits, I thought I’d share! Chikkus: Chikkus look like little baby potatoes – totally unappetizing upon first glance. But brave that first bite and you’ll be hooked. It tastes a lot like honey, if honey had the texture of my mom’s homemade applesauce. Custard Apple: These things totally look like alien brains on the inside. Each little pod has a big black seed inside, so you eat them […]

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Upcoming travels

Next week is a national holiday in India, 5 days to travel. 6 of us are traveling to Hampi and Goa! I can’t wait, and after that, I will be going to my internship in Hospet working in an aided school, started by a Nun. I will be in the internship for 6-7 weeks alone. This will be literally the first time I’m alone in a foreign place. It will be an interesting experience and I’m looking to learn so much by working in the school and working with rural […]

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Where are they Days Going?

I can’t believe we’re almost halfway through October. It seems like I just got to Thailand yesterday, yet I’ve been here for almost 6 weeks! Time really needs to slow down…so I can have more time to blog. Between classes, homework, traveling, eating, and maybe some sleeping somewhere in there, I’m not sure where all the time goes. Here’s a recap of what I’ve been doing the past couple weeks: 2 weeks ago, 3 other girls and I went to a tourist-y beach town a couple of hours away called […]

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