Minding the Gap in London

So by the time we get to London Daryl and I were exhausted. I know, I have no right to complain; this is the opportunity of a lifetime! However, by the time we had reached London we were mentally, physically, and fiscally (I’m not sure if this is a thing) exhausted. We also happened to have pick THE most expensive city to end our trip. This being said, the first meal we had was McDonalds. To make this story even sadder, we used a coupon. At Mcdonalds. Definitely a low […]

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Volunteering in Rio

After only one week of volunteering, it’s crazy to think about how many benefits I already have seen in my life here. Disclaimer: when I was originally assigned this placement, I was not happy at all. I was scheduled to work in the afternoons, between my morning class and evening class. It takes over an hour to commute from my school to the location in each direction, which only leaves about 90 minutes of volunteering per day. I was disappointed in the high ratio of travel:work time, not to mention […]

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This Glass is Half Full

Uffda. We have reached the halfway point of our time here in Rio. We are 2 months deep into our 4 month program. At this midway point, murmur around our study abroad program is pretty evenly split between positive and negative feelings about this realization. On the one hand… we ONLY have 2 more months in Rio!! That’s only 8 weeks of class and 8 weekends of adventures! There are so many things on my Brazil Bucket List that still need to be done. I still have so much more […]

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Last Weekend in Sydney

Hey everyone! I am getting down to my final two weeks in Sydney! This past weekend, was my last weekend I will spend in Sydney. It’s crazy to think that in two weeks I will be on a plane home! This past Thursday, a couple of the people I work with took the other intern and myself out to lunch. We ate at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant which is located across the street from where I work on Pitt Street. It was delicious! I recommend if any of you are traveling […]

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Just My Luck

Today, after our guides decided weather conditions were too bad for the planned parasailing adventure of the morning, I thought to myself, “I guess it is just not in the cards for me this weekend…” And then I promptly mentally slapped myself back to reality. It seems in this country you have developed an overly high standard for an excellent weekend. Dude, you had ice cream yesterday. Twice. In the United States would be like the best weekend of the month! You are in a truck, on a mountain, with […]

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Un Día en San Pablo

Sooo maybe some of you, like my mother, are wondering what I’m actually doing all day at this mysterious internship of mine. So in order to show you, and to not have to complete a different field journal tonight, I am going to take you through today (not a typical day, just today) living in Otavalo and working in San Pablo. 6:00am- Some mysterious neighbor’s roosters start crowing. I haven’t enough sleep, or maybe I’m used to them, so I don’t hear them. 6:15am- My alarm goes off-I hit snooze, […]

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Returned from Eurotour

3/21/14. First day back from break. Actually that was yesterday, but I slept from breakfast time until well after the sun went down, so it kind of feels like that entire day never happened. Today is the first day back to school. Break was an experience unlike any I’ve had. I, in the company of three individuals from my study abroad program, bounced from Montpellier to Barcelona, Dublin, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, and finally, Lyon. I must say that all of this was truly as incredible as it sounds. If I […]

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Things Danes Do

Danes do a lot of stuff – if I may be so eloquent as to say so. Here is a nice list, compiled by me, with some pretty commonly heard stereotypes (though not common to Americans. Most Americans can’t even locate the country on a map…) and also some things that I have observed and noticed after having been here for a few months. Put them all together and you will know exactly what it feels like to walk around during the day! 1. Danes don’t cross at red lights. […]

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Hey everyone! Like I said before, I went to Melbourne this weekend and absolutely LOVED the city! It is much different than Sydney. It is very artsy and feels a lot smaller. The architecture in the city is very unique but definitely beautiful! Two of my friends and I flew to Melbourne late Friday night, so we did not end up doing anything that night since we arrived at midnight. Saturday morning we woke up and went to get a late breakfast. The lady working at the front desk of […]

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Catching Up

I apologize for how little I’ve posted in the last few weeks. Between schoolwork and utter laziness/Netflix, it hasn’t really been a priority. Easter break is next week, and I’ll be in Berlin and Paris for the whole week, so there’s a possibility I’ll be positing more often when I’m in the hostel at night with nothing but my phone for company. Levi came and visited this past weekend, and we spent the entire weekend seeing the city, much of which I hadn’t even done yet. I’ll post a couple […]

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Sorry for the Delay in this Post!

Hey everyone! Sorry it has been so long since I have posted! School is pretty crazy right now with all of my classes only having a couple of weeks left! It’s crazy I only have three more weeks here and one more weekend in Sydney! Last Friday, I went to visit Cockatoo Island. Cockatoo Island is the largest island in the Sydney Harbour, and in the past it hosted a former imperial prison, industrial school, reformatory, shipyard, and jail. At this time of year, it is also a major venue […]

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What. Just. Happened?

So, if you have been paying attention on Facebook, you may have noticed that a lot is going on right now, and, as you probably caught only snippets, you may be wondering what just happened. Don’t worry, I am too. In the past few weeks so many things have changed so significantly I’m not really processing all of it as real. I want to do some significant blogging, but for now, just the key points of what happened the week between March 24 and April 1st. 1) What feels like […]

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I Found the Right Place for Me

I remember first searching for program options to study abroad. My university has a huge database to find different countries, with options to filter by academic major or language requirements. I remember spending hours filtering through different options and practically drooling at all of the wonderful places that I could potentially be. I wanted to study abroad in a country whose culture was different from ours, whose country I knew very little about, and a country where none of my friends had studied abroad (which ruled out many of the […]

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A Weekend Away in Cork

So that beauty right there is the city of Cork in the South of Ireland. Isn’t she pretty?? I’m hoping to make a stop there again when my dad comes to visit because a day and a half was not nearly enough time to take it all in. My weekend consisted of lots of walking around (and getting turned around a couple of times), lots of coffee, drinks of other sorts, and perusing through random little stores. My favorite was the Old English Market that had everything you could think […]

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Homesickness is for Real

Studying abroad is hard. Sometimes I underestimate that fact and act like its no big deal and that I could travel for the rest of my life… or at least my 20′s. But the truth is being abroad is really difficult at times. Yes, a lot of it is one big adventure of traveling the country on weekends, meeting amazing new people, and trying new things. And although there have been ups and downs, I have overall had an amazing experience so far…and its not over yet! On Monday I […]

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