My last days in Rome :(

On Friday night, there was a vigil to honor all refugees who have been killed in their quest for freedom. The vigil involved a program of beautiful singing, music, lighting candles, and reading from the Koran by many of the refugees, including Rakeen and Maiga. I was really mad because I arrived late and missed most of it. However, I heard wonderful things about the program. Lots of people showed up: Christians, Muslims, Atheists, Catholics… it didn’t matter. Everyone came together in one room to honor those who had fallen and […]

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Finals, Literally

It’s been a fun week or so! My Step-Mom and Dad came to visit me, and I took one of my final two exams (the fun in that is that it’s over now). Dad and Sarah came from Norway’s American colony (Minnesota) late last week. After reuniting we started finding our way across Oslo. I got to show them the places I thought were worthwhile, and they humored my playing tour guide. We saw Viking ships, the Scream, the Royal Palace, a cool island in the fjord, a cool walk […]

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A little reflecting on little changes

PSA to everyone in my life: I live in Ann Arbor, in a big beautiful house with 9 beautiful women. My bedroom is modest but nice. It’s not fully unpacked yet, but that’s okay. You (every one of you) are welcome to come over whenever you want! It’s something I loved so much about Senegal and will miss dearly: it’s not expected, and even can be rude, to ask to come over. Don’t wait for someone to invite you over: they won’t. And if you want to go over, don’t […]

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The Bharandabhar Corridor

Greetings Friends, I greet you all from the beautiful state of Wisconsin. It has been just over two weeks since returning from Nepal. For those unaware, the University of Minnesota had decided to terminate the program and evacuate the students a few days earlier than originally expected. We were all escorted via an evacuation crew provided by the school back to Kathmandu before departing our separate ways. Anyways, more on that another time. Re-acclimating to life in America has been the greatest task of all. Re-discovering that a day consists […]

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Update: One for Three

Well, it’s been a few days since I last updated the whole world on the happenings in my life. The work hasn’t stopped, I’ve been studious and completed the final two essays I will ever write in my Undergrad career. I must say, my writing skills have improved measurably since being a baby freshman. So, thanks for that, University of MN. Now my focus is on studying for my two beastly exams at the end of May. One down and two to go, so close to being done! I can hardly believe […]

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Interview at Vatican Radio

Tuesday, I was interviewed at Vatican Radio by Sean Patrick Lovett! It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Sean really made it seem as though we were actually being interviewed for a position at Vatican Radio, so not only did we get good experience talking about our resumes and preparing for actual interviews, but we got a first-hand look at the inner workings of a radio station. One of the hardest aspects of communication is often talking about oneself, and I think I got a better look at who I am through […]

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See you later, Morocco!

My semester has come full-circle, now, almost, as I sit in the Atlanta airport, waiting for my flight back to Iowa. This morning, I started my 22-hour travel day in Rabat, and I have about 5 hours left. I held it together through all the good-byes with my friends, but as we took off, actually left Rabat, the tears came. I cried when I left the U.S., and I cried when I left Morocco. If you’ve been keeping up with this blog, you know a lot of my stories and […]

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Seeing as Much as I Can

It’s already Thursday of my last week in Morocco. I’m not really sure when the time went, but I wanted to get in a few last stories of my experiences before wrapping up the semester, packing for home, and transitioning back to life in America. I’ve had some fantastic trips within the past few weeks that I want to share with you. Tangier: The International City Two weekends ago, my friend, her friend who is studying in Spain, and I took on Tangier. This was the last city on my […]

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Meghauli (Or We Celebrate Our Sense of Each Other, We Have A Lot To Give One Another)

Greetings Friends, (Update from 4/21/15 – 4/23/15) Welcome again from Sauraha. Following Vanessa’s birthday celebration, Rachel, Teanna, Valerie, and I set off for the west of Chitwan National Park. The area in which we were sent to visit was Meghauli. The four of us were sent to visit based off of our final project selections. In order to do this, we filled an open-backed vehicle with students, instructors (Dave and Alex), Kumroj homestay guests, and more before setting off three hours west to Meghauli. Fun fact about Meghauli: until a […]

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Wait, it’s May?

First and foremost, let me start off by saying that it freaks me out that I leave here in LESS than a week. Secondly, let me apologize for not being on top of all of my adventures and sharing them with you all. This month has literally flown by and I am not ready for it to end. Since the Galapagos, sooooooo much has happened! Without further edu, let me attempt to sum up my life for the past month in several hundred words. Week 1: April 1st – April 5th […]

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Independent Project Start (Or All Circles Presuppose They End Where They Began)

Greetings Friends, (Hey Everyone, this update comes to you about 2 weeks late due to the Nepal earthquake and a broken computer) I welcome you again from Sauraha. We have returned from our brief stay in Pokhara, renewed our visas, and begun the fifth (and final!) class of the semester. How the time has flown. For this class, we have been tasked with designing our own independent project for the communities surrounding us. The goal is to create something that will deliver longlasting benefits to the communities that have welcomed […]

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Many of us are too familiar with procrastination, the series of compromises which leads most college students to Netflix or naptime. It’s the reason I’m writing this instead of working on the essays I am responsible for. Not to worry though, this last week I have been a recluse working on the final essays of this semester. I cannot believe that these will be the last I write as an undergraduate! I did take a break this weekend to go for a nice hike on saturday, and walk around the […]

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‘Til Next Time (Chapter 11)

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Pokhara (Or Living Amidst the Shadows of Titans)

Greetings Friends, Nearly two weeks ago, our group travelled to Pokhara, a city with its head between the lap of the Annapurna Mountain Range. We travelled to this place for two reasons. First, we left for a short three day rest and relaxation get-away after completing Dean Current’s ‘Sustainable Development’ course. We had been moving to new locations almost everyday in order to conduct interviews – and we were ready for this long talked about break.  Second, we were required to renew our visas in order to stay in the […]

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I have heard readjusting to life after studying abroad can be difficult. The first few weeks are supposed to be great while you’re catching up with everyone, and then you start to get annoyed easily as you start missing your host country, the culture, the people, etc. But hopefully that doesn’t happen to me because right now I am happy to be back and would like it to stay that way. Not saying I won’t miss London because I will, but Minnesota is pretty great too :) Seeing my friends […]

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