I had a fantastic time in Palermo this weekend, but my week preceding it was just as wonderful. Tuesday, Sean gave us a special private tour of the Vatican, a once-in-a-lifetime experience! We got to go behind the scenes to the areas where only employees of the Vatican are allowed. We also got a little insight into the life of the Pope and all those around him. The most powerful man in the world lives in an area of only 100 acres and dwells in a hotel among other every […]

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Una Mezcla of a Blog Post..

If you were to see my to-do list you would see listed on there: 1) blog Switzerland 2) blog Córdoba 3) blog Cádiz (possibly some mention of homework…) and so on and so forth until catching up with the point I am currently at in my study abroad journey. To say time flies doesn’t even begin to describe it. However by the pleas of my family back home I would love to take a little time to catch everything up to speed before continuing on with the current (actually current) […]

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Cheers To A Great Semester

Well, this it. I am officially done with work and classes and I leave London on Saturday (just when I got the hang of which way to look when crossing the street!). Not going to lie though, I have been pretty emotional this past week. Surprisingly, this is the first week I have actually felt homesick. Probably because the end is just so close, and also the fact that my birthday was yesterday and I really just wanted to be home for it. But that’s okay because I’ll have round […]

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A New Set of Challenges and Victories

On Sunday, April 12, I moved into an apartment with 6 other women in my program and began my independent study project (ISP). This project is the culmination of the entire semester.  Every field work assignment, every Arabic class, every excursion, every challenge was mere preparation for these 3 weeks. Maybe I’m being dramatic, but that is truly how it feels. Without all the challenges and experiences we’ve had all semester, I don’t think we would have been able to take on this research project. Imagine. You’re in a country […]

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Pressing rewind

Bringing you an update in backwards order. Z. Currently sitting in Yama’s bed on my laptop. He is next to me on his. He is writing an essay about himself in English for his English class which started last week. I am starting a 20 page essay in French about my internship which is due in two weeks. We occasionally ask each other for advice, and every thirty minutes or so we proof-read each other’s work. It’s a good system. And cute. Y. I ate dinner (lentils, my favorite meal) […]

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A Spring Break To Remember… Part 1 (Chapter 9)

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I’m Still Doing Things!

As I write this, I am rubbing my itchy eyes, sniffling, and remembering that I am not immortal. Spring has finally sprung here in Viking territory. And, as if to answer a question that I had forgotten to ask… yes, apparently Norwegian pollen treats me the same way as the stuff in America. Yet my window is still wide open. Why you wonder? Because the weather has been amazing these past few days! We hit nearly 20 degrees celsius (over 60 fahrenheit) which is a big deal here in the […]

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Let me tell you about one of my favorite trips so far! And it happened yesterday! (An actual timely update! Yay me!) Yesterday we went on a day trip to Tuscany with Bus2Alps. I had been on a Bus2Alps trip before (Prague, first weekend in February) and found out that I hated the whole ride-a-bus-for-fifteen-hours thing. That combined 30 hour bus ride in February made me wary of Bus2Alps, but I figured out that I don’t mind them for day trips! This tour only involved a 2.5 hour drive from […]

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The Art of Stillness

Ahhh I only have 8 days left in London, how is that possible?? I am looking forward to seeing my friends and family at home but I am not ready to leave London yet. Who knew 3.5 months was such a short amount of time. Anyway, my nerdy side is going to come out in this post but it’s worth the read, I promise. For my Travel Writing class this week we had to watch a short Ted Talk video called “The Art of Stillness.” I really like Ted Talk […]

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!Un Fin De Semana En Barcelona!

My roommate Stephanie and I went to Barcelona for the weekend and it was so much fun! I really wish I had a longer time there. It started out a little rough. Our flight was supposed to leave at 9pm on Tuesday but it got delayed until 11pm. Then 3am. Then 7am. Then 9am. FINALLY at 10am on Friday we got onto the flight. (I guess France air traffic control was on strike so no planes could fly over the area. Thanks, France). When we finally got to our hostel […]

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There are two versions of English in India. There’s the British-English they adopted from England during the colonization, which still is taught in schools today. Some schools are taught in only English and are called English-Medium. Otherwise, English is taught in schools as a language requirement. Most Indians will know English, Hindi, their “mother tongue” language, which is their ancestral language and doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with where they live, and whatever the local dialect is. There are upwards of 300 different languages in India. These languages mesh […]

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The Art of the Sale

There is a dance in India that is done in shops every single day. It’s the perpetual dance between the seller and the buyer, otherwise known as the ever-frustrating barter. India, I’m on to you. Being a white, American shopper in this country for a little over three months, I’ve done this dance enough to know the steps. Maybe not enough to do it gracefully, but knowing the steps will suffice. Craft is incredibly important to the Indian economy. There are scarves from Kashmir (Cashmere), shoes and leather goods from […]

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Sunday Morning Peace

Again I am blown away by my experience at church this morning. I visited an Evangelist church in Dakar, about a four minute drive from my house. I went alone today, although in retrospect I should have invited someone to come. Anyway, it was good time spent free of distractions. The title of the sermon today was “A la recherche du bonheur”, The Search for Happiness. The preacher started off with a little story. There was a man who lost his wallet. The next day he was searching along the […]

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TGIF because this week man…

I got my wallet stolen today on the bus. It was bound to happen sometime because I wear my backpack on my back and the bus is so cramped and crowded. People tug and pull and hit me all the time, so it was nothing out of the ordinary when it happen this morning. However, today I felt a different kind of tug and I did look behind me. There was a guy who appeared to be picking something up from the floor. Really, now, I think he wasn’t picking […]

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Travel: Part 2, Riga

After a night in the cramped quarters of our room on the ferry, arriving and disembarking felt great. We, along with all of our new eastern european pals, walked off the boat into cloudy and overcast Latvia. The city was very interesting, more on that later. The decision to use Airbnb was a good one. We found an apartment advertised as “HUGE” on the website, and we weren’t disappointed. We stayed in the middle of Rïga’s Old Town, each had our own bedrooms with large beds, and a kitchen. It […]

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