{Basel & Interlaken, Switzerland}

{Basel, Interlaken, Wengwald, Kleine Scheidegg, Grund, Schynige Platte & Lake Brienz with my favorite human Annie} “Am I in front of a green screen, Annie?!” “Am I living real life?!” “How will I ever go back to the United States” “….It’s so nice to hear English every once in a while”. Has been running through my head after a weekend in Interlaken and Basel Switzerland visiting my long time friend, mentor, teacher and coach, Annie. It was an amazing touch of home seeing Annie at her new home in Switzerland, […]

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School Update

So last week, I had my second test for biomedicine already (89.5% on the last one). I’ve been reading a lot for existential philosophy, and we have our second paper coming up for that as well. Also turned in the rough draft for my second creative writing piece, which I think is going to be really great! I can’t wait for feedback on it. Actually, we had a guest speaker for the 1st half of last class named Sigurd Hartkorn Plaetner. He is a young Danish author who has taken […]

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Weekend Between Traveling

This weekend Jeff is coming up to Copenhagen to visit before I leave on my next field trip, so I’ve planned out the entire weekend! Cooking for Jeff, Mikael, and myself so we can have a nice dinner. Jeff is pescatarian, which means he doesn’t eat meat other than fish, so I’ve asked my uncles, Joe & Peter, to borrow a vegetarian recipe that I got to try out last time I had dinner with them (thanks so much by the way!). This is going to be a great opportunity […]

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I had dreamed of Milan for so many years. It was the perfect time when I was in Milan, a little treat for my birthday weekend. It started to be cold in central and northern Italy. Only one week after the fashion week, Milan seemed to calm down and some of the neighborhoods are surprisingly quiet. Although I heard people saying that Milan is fast paced, but compared to New York City or London, people in Milan as a part of Italy, know how to enjoy the life. 2. I […]

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The Epigenetics of Sexual Orientation

Hey there! So as you can tell from the title, today is going to be a nerdy topic. Don’t worry though, I’ll give you the short version of it, and explain things along the way. So last week, I attended an event put on by BLUS, which is the LGBTQ club for University students in Copenhagen. The presentation was put on by a PhD fellow from Novo Nordisk, and he talked about a couple recent papers that have explored the epigentics of sexual orientation and what it means to be […]

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Il faut qu’on aille à Paris

Il faut qu’on aille à Paris – One must go to Paris. There’s really no way around it when you’re studying abroad in France! (Just like the French subjunctive, am I right?) So this past weekend, we traveled to the most well-known city in France for a bit of fun. At base price, it was very economical as the Montpellier program subsidized the trip – I’ll explain more about our program organization in a future post – but of course that was before we tried out several crêpe stands and […]

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Trip Planning

So it’s Sunday, and I’m meeting with my new best friend here in Denmark, Kevin. Without going into too many details, he’s a really great guy and genuinely cares about other people. So, in short, the best kind of friend anyone could ask for. So we planned to meet up, catch up, and start booking our travel itineraries! We’ve booked a weekend in Barcelona, and another weekend (Thanksgiving weekend) in Prague. I am not sure what we’re doing in Barcelona, that’s all Kevin. Prague is a trip I’ve been planning […]

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Scottish Sunday Seven – Part III

This weekend, I went on my first excursion to another country.  After finding relatively cheap plane tickets, on a whim a group of us decided to travel to Edinburgh, Scotland.  Scotland was not originally a “must” on my list of places to visit, but afterwards I can say I definitely want to go back again sometime in my life.  It was amazing! That Scottish Accent The first day, we went on a free walking tour around town.  Not only did we see and learn a lot, but our tour guide […]

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Fall In (Love with) Paris

Hey guys!  It’s been two days now since I was in paris but I still have sore feet from all the walking I did around the city (I walked over 50,00 steps, roughly 30miles). I had an amazing time and wish I could have stayed longer because three days was not enough to see all of Paris. I’ve been trying to think of the best way to share the city with you and decided to show you some of my favorite pictures. Since I took so many, it was so […]

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After a 3.5 hour lecture, I was teeming with excitement to leave class and head down to Nykøbing to spend the weekend with Jeff. We’ve been spending a lot of time together, but this also seems to be when we can make time for each other and I get that feeling that we’re both opportunists. The train ride to Nykøbing is a really good length, about an hour-and-a-half. That’s enough time to get some homework done without dragging it out. Once I got to Nykøbing, Jeff met me at the […]

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As most colleges and high schools in America have very zealous homecoming games that spew school spirit, Korean Universities are no different, or at least the at the University that I attend. So, recently it was the school’s annual YonGoJeon (연고전) which is a weekend that consists of five different games against the most intense school rivalry within all of South Korea. The games were baseball, basketball, hockey, rugby and soccer. Nothing too special, right? I attended the basketball and rugby games, and what hit me when I was there, […]

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Date Night – Day 2

Jeff and I woke up the next morning, a couple times. It was definitely a slow start to the day. After taking a shower, I made the two of us breakfast with coffee. My new favorite thing to eat in the morning is rye bread (not too heavy) with a little butter and a mild cheese. Not something I ever expected to like, but it is soo good. After breakfast, it was time to head downtown because I had to run a couple important errands. We took the train to […]

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