The Louvre, the Lock Bridge, and the Next Step

There’s no time for sleeping in on vacation. Not in Paris. On day two we forced ourselves to wake up early enough to beat the crowds at the Louvre. Our alarms buzzed at 8am. Snooze. Our first day exploring we were up and at ’em by about 9:30am. The line for the Louvre around then was nonexistent, so our groggy morning minds figured we could sleep until 9, leave the hostel around 10, and be one of the first in line at the Louvre by 10:15. Not true. We got […]

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Thanksgiving, Turning 21, & Deutschland (Sunday Seven – Part VI)

This past week has been a crazy one – filled with traveling, celebrations, and old & new friends.  In order to document it properly, for today’s Sunday Seven I have documented each day.  This week has easily been one of my favorite weeks this semester!  It was the best Christmas-Thanksgiving-Birthday a girl could ask for. Sunday: My awesome host parents helped me host a Thanksgiving dinner!  It was their (and my) first time making a turkey, but we were successful.  The food was so good, we invited over my friends […]

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Auschwitz, Poland

Not a blog post I would have ever thought to write about, nor a pleasant one, but a very important part in our nations history to remember the many beautiful souls who were lost. An experience that I can’t really explain to stand in the spot where up to 1.5 million people were killed. While hurting for answers, not being able to grasp how such a horrific time in history happened, I wasn’t sure what to expect on my first visit to Auschwitz but was eager to pay my respect […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey friends and family! In Norway, today is just another day, and it’s my first time not spending Thanksgiving with those I love. Aside from missing out on turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, bread rolls, and cranberry ice, I can still take a few moments to be thankful for how lucky I am to be in Norway and to have such wonderful friends and family, old and new. I’m especially thankful to my parents who have been supportive of me with my education choices and helping me enjoy Norway as much […]

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As of this moment, it is before my first volunteering with the Eastern Social Welfare Center, where I will be spending an hour of my time with babies in their facility. I have never done volunteering with young babies before, so I predict that this will be an impact and emotional experience. Even when I had a short introduction and training session at the location, the emotions already started to dwindle inside. Being there is quite eerie, especially because it was at that exact location a friend of mine was […]

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Week 2 — Rishikesh

Namaste my wonderful people! This week has been another whirlwind adventure for this gal! On Monday morning I woke up, ate breakfast, said goodbye to the sweetest host family a girl could ask for, and headed off to a Rishikesh! Rishikesh is about an hour and a half away from Dehradun, the city in which I spent week 1 for those of you just joining us. My coordinator, Mayank, and I chatted the whole way. We enjoyed some oranges from a fruit vendor and some really great conversation. Rishikesh is […]

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​{the reality of leaving home was scary but the reality of leaving Florence is even scarier}

“Never walk alone” “always hold your purse shut” “stand your ground” “this experience will change your life” “please be safe” “you’ll come back a new person”. Ever since I brought up the idea that I wanted to take my studies abroad, these words became redundant. The nerves, the excitement and the unknown were exhilarating and the fact that I would be studying in the capital of Tuscany didn’t seem real. Heading overseas with a passport in hand and a spirit of adventure was all I knew, but it all felt so distant. As I was entering […]

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Sex slavery has been an issue that has haunted Korea for years, and puts a huge strain in Korean-Japanese relations. For those who do not know much about this issue, below is a very well made animation for this issue. It even uses the voices of actually survivors who share their traumatic and agonizing past. Moreover, the reason for this topic is that I had been able to experience one of the famous 수요 집회 or Wednesday Demonstrations. These demonstrations are held weekly to continuously urge Japan to readdress the […]

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Viking Love

Hey friends and family! I apologize sincerely for the long absence. A lot has been going on, and the next few posts will be getting caught up. However, I’ve been wanting to post pictures, and my laptop thoroughly disagreed with that idea in the form of crashing repeatedly every time I tried to upload something. Perhaps the biggest news of late is that I have a boyfriend. He’s Danish and currently living in Denmark. Despite the odds, I couldn’t ask to be with anyone else. But, dating a non-American still […]

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Week 1 — Dehradun

This week in India has been nothing short of AMAZING! Once the jet-lag cleared, the homesickness faded (slightly), and the food finally settled, I realized India is exactly where I am supposed to be right now. One thing I am already appreciating about India is that everything seems to get going a little slower. Not that people wake up any later, but they enjoy their mornings. They take their time and enjoy each other’s company. I just really love everything about it. I didn’t have to be at clinic in […]

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Welcome to Cell Block 5

My apologies for the lack of blog posts lately…to be honest I am not entirely sure what happened to the month of October.  Time is most definitely flying here in Norway! The blog below will give a brief description of my adventures and shenanigans over the past month. Drammen and Sandefjord: The Language Barrier September 23rd: Travel Mom, Dad, Gram, Gramp, and little Danielle all traveled to Boston to catch their flight to Oslo. Me, well I was doing the same thing except I departed from Bergen.  My flight was […]

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The Parisian Paradise: Sipping Wine Underneath the Eiffel Tower

Excited to venture into one of the world’s most famous cities, Megan and I woke up early and made a quick plan for the day. Our goal? Explore. We had three full days here– still a short amount of time, but enough to not feel too rushed. We knew our first goal was to see the Eiffel Tower. Paris is centered around the Seine river, and it acted as a landmark for us to find our way around the city. Without functioning phones we first felt pretty damn useless. I’ve […]

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