Kazan (Казань)

Two weeks ago my two-week Russian adventure began in Kazan, where my exchange group spent three days. Kazan is located about 450 miles Southeast of Moscow and is the eighth most populous city in Russia with just over a million people. Kazan is located at the junction of the Volga and the Kazanka rivers and is considered part of European Russia, though it is often seen as a crossroads between Europe and Asia. It is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, with about half the population ethnic Tatars and […]

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My Time Coming to an End

Trip to the molinas On friday, i went to the windmills from the book, don quijote. It was a really fun and relaxing walk. I’m really glad that leandra, megan and i were finally able to see them. Saying goodbye before finals i had to say goodbye to the people i worked with at my internship. After finals, we had a graduation ceremony with my host sister, carolina and my host mother. During the day, i finished my packing, and i had a little buddy hanging out with me (the […]

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An Alphabet of Highlights

  Since my time at DIS has come to an end and I am stateside once again, I have been taking a look back on my semester and remembering some of the highlights. In true blogging fashion, I have made an alphabetical list (A to Å because Danish gives me three extra letters to work with) of some of my favorite experiences while abroad. A – Art Museums I might not know anything about art history, but I was still lucky enough to see and appreciate some world-famous art museums […]

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My Sister is in South Korea!

My sister came to visit for the last two weeks that I will be in Korea and I am beyond ecstatic that she is here with me, I can’t even believe it! It is seriously a dream come true to be able to share my experience in South Korea with her. I have been showing Vivie around campus, bringing her to all my favorite restaurants, and showing her all my favorite places to go in South Korea. The only thing that sucks is that I have finals next week and […]

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Reading Week Adventure Pt IV: Salzburg, Austria

 Right away I could tell there was a different air to this city, I liked it. I could tell this was going to be a fun stop, and was glad that we were taking two days here. After a confusing 5 min trying to get our directional bearings, we were soon at our hostel. It was a YoHo – youth hostel that played the sound of music nightly. So looking forward to this place! After getting to our room, settling in, and freshening up we headed out. First stop was […]

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Superb Meatballs in Malmö, Sweden

Wednesday morning, I sat my last final exam, bringing a conclusion to my academic responsibilities at DIS. To celebrate the end of the semester, my friends Mariah and Renee and I decided to hop on a train to Malmö, Sweden! Malmö lies just across the Øresund Strait from Copenhagen, and the train ride across the Øresund Bridge only takes about half an hour. (Renee told me she started watching a Danish/Swedish crime drama called Broen – The Bridge – about a Danish inspector and a Swedish inspector who have to […]

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Reading Week Pt III: Zurich, Switzerland

As we stepped off of the train in Zurich, we were greeted by a gust of very cold wind. I was very happy I had picked up a winter jacket last week. No longer were we in an ocean tempered area of constant rain. We were definitely more north and on the colder side of the alps. Also on the German side of the alps. We got about half way here and the signs became German. Lots of ist and ich and the like. Our plan was first food, then […]

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Celebrity Status

Somehow, my last full weekend in India is over. I can’t figure out where the time went! For one last hurrah, my friend and I decided to go check out northern India. With the help of our kooky Sikh cab driver, we started the day’s tour of Jaipur’s big monuments — Amer Fort, Jaigarh Fort, and the Water Palace. Amer Fort was beautiful, and we got so completely absorbed in it that we spent three hours exploring before we realized how many other places we still had to see! So […]

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Reading Week Pt. 2: Bellinzona, Switzerland

We stepped off of the train and into the mountains. We were surrounded. It was amazing! Felt so good to be in the mountains again. It was pretty early, but we decided that we should see if we could at least drop our bags off at our hostel. Lugging around a heavy backpack and duffle isn’t a whole lot of fun… Saw some pretty neat sites on the way there, even though it did seem like a ghost town. Turned out that even though we arrived at the hostel just […]

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Reading Week Pt. 1: Milan, Italy

After attempting to fall asleep early and failing, I was out of bed by 12:20am to catch the 1:10am bus to Dublin airport. This was it. We had the next week off, supposedly as a study week (reading week), but let’s be real here – there are way better ways to spend a week off in Europe, so how about hitting Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Germany? Yep. That’s the plan for the week! Jackie and I caught the 1am bus to the 6am flight to Bergamo Airport in Italy, and […]

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Week 12

Week 12 was the last week of classes – woohoo! And it was also Thanksgiving. My first Thanksgiving not with my family. It was going to be very weird, especially not being in the States… I mean here, it was just a Thursday! I had class and everything! So weird… However all of my friends were going to put on a Friendsgiving, where the entrance fee was a dish to share and some holiday cheer! It was a great time. Mum made sure that we had a turkey, and I […]

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End of the Internship and Back in Bangalore

End of the Internship and saying GoodBye It was hard saying goodbye to the wonderful people I met at my internship site. The students touched my heart and they made my internship meaningful, I was never lonely, I was respected and they were so kind. I wish for the best for all of them I only want happiness and great success to come their way. I promised that I will visit them, and I hope I do, so I can see the young girls in college or at a university, […]

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I am always surprised when people acknowledge that they are reading my blog. I see the view counter going up each day, but I guess I kind of assume it’s just my mom and other family members checking to see if I have been getting into trouble. So, I was delighted to see that a reader had submitted some questions yesterday, and maybe my answers could be helpful to anyone considering studying abroad with DIS in Copenhagen. Nathalia’s submission: Hi Jon! I started reading your blog a few weeks ago […]

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Week 11

This week was pretty full of fun adventures! No rest after our Paris trip! On Tuesday, the USA was playing Ireland in a friendly soccer match, which my aunt kindly told me about a month ago, so I had gotten some friends, Jackie and Natalie, to come along with me! We ended up meeting up with some of Jackie’s roommates who had been in Barcelona and had stayed in Dublin the previous night to stay for the game for some pre-game fun at a pub, which was clearly rooting for […]

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Garlands and hearts are hung across Strøget, the tree has been lit in Rådhuspladsen, and æbleskiver and gløgg are being consumed in excess. This can only mean one thing: Nu er det juletid i Danmark. Now it’s Christmas time in Denmark. Actually, Copenhagen started celebrating Christmas by decorating the city in early November. There’s no Thanksgiving holiday standing in the way here, so why not? I was all for it. Normally I wouldn’t be keen to walk around outside in the near-freezing cold, but the julehygge (cozy Christmas feel) is […]

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Week 10

Months before we even arrived in Ireland, Jackie had bought tickets to see a Minnesota band, Trampled by Turtles, in Paris. So we planned a trip to make it for the concert. The way flights worked out with classes and everything, we were only going to spend about 17 hours in the city, but we figured we could make it work! It was going to be Jackie, me, and our friends Liz, another Minnesota native, and Natalie. Four girls ready to take on Paris! Friday afternoon we hopped the bus […]

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