Day 3

We had another late morning. I think the jetlag still hasn’t worn off yet. I woke up around 2 or 3 am and had trouble falling back asleep, so when 8am came around, it was easy to roll over and ignore the alarm. Instead, I got up around 9:30. We had a simple breakfast of eggs and toast before heading out to explore the grounds. It was still a bit windy and rainy, but it was much better than it had been yesterday, and we were willing to get a […]

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Beauty, Challenges, and Small Victories

Two days into my study abroad and I’ve already learned a lot. The main thing I’ve learned is that this semester is going to include stunning beauty, daunting challenges, and small victories. Valuing the first and the last, I think, is going to be the key to a great semester. Stunning Beauty Seriously, just look at these photos. The building in which we have class is in the old medina of Rabat, inside an 18th century building. We will also live in the old medina for the homestay. Rabat is in […]

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Preconceptions and Misconceptions

I’ve been planning on studying abroad in Italy for at least four years. I have failed to educate myself in the way that I should have coming here. Since I have known for so long, it would have made sense for me to learn about the culture, learn Italian, and more. I knew only a few things and they stemmed directly from what I’ve been told growing up but also a lot that was told me in the last few months before I left for my travels. I grew up […]

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A Weekend to Remember

I will be here for another 4 months but I think it will be very difficult to top my first weekend here. My mom came to visit me!! Out of pure luck she managed to go on a business trip to Switzerland the same week I moved myself to London. We spent each night she was in town getting yummy food and talking for hours, I have never felt so at home. We trolled around the Victoria & Albert Museum, I was able to show her my flat and introduce […]

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Adjusting to Life Without Water Temperature Control

As I am moving into week number two in my new home I am struggling a wee bit to keep my life organized, I guess that may be the beauty of London – the hustle and bustle ALL the time. The snowball effect is the best way for me to describe my journey thus far. I started out with my yellow mittens and a 46 pound suitcase (yay, no overweight fee!) and by today I have an internship, four classes, student council, the tube, friends, travel arrangements, tickets to multiple […]

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Things I Worry About Now

If I eat dosas and rice three times a day every day will I be able to fit in the airplane seat home? How to divide everything I buy with rupees by 61 to see how many dollars I spend Why I ever buy anything in America If I walk across the street, will I get hit by the hundreds of motorcycles and mopeds and auto rickshaws and cars all coming at me? Is that a group of stray dogs? IS THAT A GROUP OF STRAY PUPPIES? Will anyone mind […]

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I’m Here!

I made it to Rabat all in one piece and with all my luggage. I’d say that’s a miracle! This week is orientation and we stay in a hotel. Tonight, we were introduced to the building in which we’ll have most of our classes and where we have lunch daily. It’s a beautiful building—a home built during the Andalusian period. Pictures to come! Finally got a shower and now I’m ready for bed! Missing everyone back home, but I’m excited for what’s next.

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See You Later, USA!

It seems like I’ve been saying “see you later” constantly for the last month, but today, I say the biggest “see you later,” that is, to my home country, to my comfortably familiar life, well, honestly, to familiarity at all. This semester is going to be different, very different. One flight down, two to go. I’m currently sitting in the Detroit airport watching the tram go by. Yes, the tram. This is a big airport, like huge, and I’m suddenly regretting carrying-on about 50 pounds between two bags, neither of […]

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How to Norwegian

It’s hard to believe that I have been here in Norway for two weeks now. So much has happened: I have explored Oslo, met many great new people, and have begun the slow process of integrating into Norwegian life. I went to a seminar on ‘How to be a Norwegian Student’ which broke down the Norwegian culture a little bit. Norwegians are a very practical people: they don’t exchange useless platitudes (aka small talk) not because they are a cold people but it’s out of respect for your time (this […]

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Doing Touristy Things

There’s much to tell about my activities from the past couple of days! I am most excited to share my touristy adventure to the Plaza de España—a place I have been dying to see in person ever since I chose Seville as my city. This one plaza constitutes everything I love about this place. The picturesque architecture (down to every last detail might I add), the horse drawn carriages, and of course the cobblestone streets all are landmark examples of the Renaissance Revival style being incorporated into Spanish architecture. It feels […]

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The Bittersweet Truth

Next to hospitals, I think airports are home to the biggest mixture of highs and lows for people. They are a place of separation as well as where people are re-united. They are where you leave behind an old part of your life and where you begin a new one. You may cry tears of sorrow, or tears of joy. Today, I have been experiencing these feelings to the fullest, siting at the airport gates, waiting to board my plane to Sydney, Australia. It’s unreal to me that this time has finally come. […]

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The Ups and Downs of My Grand Arrival

Let’s do a quick run through. I flew out of Chicago O’Hare and the flight was delayed and Delta made me check my carry-on bag so needless to say I was tweeting at them quite a bit in not a very pleasant manner. I then had to run through Atlanta Airport trying to make it in time for our flight to Italy. We made it with ten minutes until takeoff. The flight wasn’t too shabby and airplane food isn’t as horrible as it sounds like it would be. I found […]

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Sightseeing and Cards

Today we woke up promptly at 8am and it was still dark outside, so we slept in some more and had a relaxing morning. It was windy and blustery outside, so we had to postpone our walk in the woods by Lis’ house. Later in the day, we went to Ystad and visited the central Santa Maria kyrka (church), built in the 15th century in the Brick Gothic style. After walking around town some more, we visited Nymölla for Tommy’s 89th birthday and I met many of my relatives and friends such […]

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Best. Flight. Ever.

I was anxious. My stomach was roaring. I was nervous and I had no reason to be; I’ve traveled internationally before, even alone, and this time I was in the company of friends: Kristin and Evelina. Yet I was still nervous as my parents helped check in my baggage at MSP and watched me go through security. Why was I anxious? I think it’s because I’ve spent the past few weeks just waiting and waiting and thinking of every possible thing I need to plan for or worry about. Now […]

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Eating and Sleeping

India is everything and nothing that I thought it would be. I’ve only gotten a taste at this point, but that taste is pretty strong. Traveling there was intense. From Minneapolis to France it was an eight hour flight, and I had a two hour layover in France where I ate sweet pistachio macaroons and listened to Le French speak in their beautiful rhythmic syllables. I took three years of French in high school and can say some phrases, but after stumbling through some awkward dialogue with the macaroon woman, […]

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Orientation: Where Time Flies

Well, it’s orientation week here at the University of Oslo. It has been a crazy time, I’m meeting new people left and right like an endless cycle of the name game (enjoyable here though!). It is very exciting to be in a place like this with students from all over the world. My apartment in student housing is a good example, 5 people live here and 4 continents are represented. Although I will say, there are a TON of Minnesotans here…far more than any other state. (it has to be […]

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